Kapalama High School


Summary Daily Bulletin for Sunday, December 4, 2016

Students must return replacement ID cards within five (5) school days (includes date ID was issued) in order to receive credits: e.g., ID card borrowed Monday, August 22, 2016, must be returned by Friday, August 26, 2016. Mahalo!

Students in Grades 9-12 are reminded that elementary and middle school campuses are off limits. Students are also reminded that you are to catch buses from either middle or upper campus only. Thank you.

Limited one-day parking spaces are available on a first come, first served basis. PASSES MUST BE PURCHASED FROM THE ‘AKAHI STUDENT CENTER BEFORE THE DAY THEY ARE NEEDED. The cost of a one-day pass is $2.00 a day. A student must have his/her driver's license, current registration, proof of insurance, and safety check for the vehicle(s) which will be driven when purchasing a one-day pass for the first time. REMEMBER: THE VEHICLE MUST BELONG TO AN IMMEDIATE FAMILY MEMBER (MOTHER, FATHER, SISTER, BROTHER). The ‘Akahi Student Center normally opens at 7:00 a.m. One-day passes will be sold in the morning if spaces are still available and if there is an emergency. STUDENTS WHO FIND IT NECESSARY TO PURCHASE A ONE-DAY PASS BEFORE 7:30 A.M. THE DAY THEY NEED IT ARE NOT GUARANTEED A SPACE. SO, PLAN AHEAD. AN ALTERNATIVE IS TO PARK AT THE TERMINAL AND CATCH THE TERMINAL BUS TO CAMPUS. If a student parks on campus without a parking pass, driving privileges will be revoked for five days. If you have any questions, please call Ext. 28531.

As a reminder to students, footwear is required in ‘Akahi Dining Hall.

The 2016-2017 High School Activities Calendar can be found at: http://kapalama.ksbe.edu/high/home/

As a reminder to students, personal or outside fundraising on campus is NOT allowed.

Students in Grades 9-12 are reminded that Kekūhaupi‘o Gymnasium facilities are off limits, until 3:05pm. Unless supervised by a teacher for PE classes. Students are also reminded that you are to catch buses from either middle or upper campus only. Thank you.

The tennis courts are off limits during the school day. Only classes are allowed during the day. All other students must not hang around during the day.

As a reminder, students need to be in their uniforms during the school day. Students participating in PE, Hawaiian Ensemble, etc. are to change in to their clothes during that class period (not before) and are to change back in to their uniforms before leaving that class. Students not in uniform will be reported to the unit office.

As a reminder to student drivers, students are NOT allowed to park in the Athletic parking structure during the school day, including during assemblies.

As a reminder to registered student drivers, you are not allowed to move your vehicle during school hours. Your vehicle must remain in your assigned parking zone until the END of the last period or activity of the school day, including assemblies. Violators will be issued citations for a moving violation.


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ASKS invites you, for the very first time, to “Levels: Rooftop Access” for the first time ever on the top floors of Hale Hoʻokū Kaʻa - The Parking Structure for the annual ASKS Winter Dance on Friday, December 9, 2016. There will be pizza, pigs in a blanket, smores bars, first class entertainment and fun games. Entrance to the dance is only $3 with a current school ID. Students without their ID may pay an additional $5 or get 2 hours of detention. This will be a dance you won’t want to miss, so see you there! DRESS CODE FOR THE DANCE: All clothing must be in good taste. Clothing must not have obscene pictures, vulgarity or promotion of alcohol or drugs. NO scanty attire. 1) Shirts: a. All shirts should be unaltered and have sleeves. Shirts must be long enough to tuck in. NO midriffs. b. Necklines must be modest and appropriate. NO plunging or low necklines and/or armholes. c. Absolutely no sleeveless tops allowed. NO spaghetti strap tops, tank-tops or blouses (even under sweaters or jackets). 2) Pants: a. Jeans are OK b. Distressed/Ripped jeans are OK as long as the rip is not showing skin c. Leggings/yoga/workout pants are OK AS LONG AS a shirt, dress, shorts, skirt, etc are covering the leggings and MUST BE at least finger-tip length ALL THE WAY AROUND. d. Sweatpants are OK as long as they are properly fitted and not hanging off. 3) Shorts and Skirts (MUST ALL BE KNEE LENGTH, unless worn over leggings): a. Capris are OK b. Bermuda shorts are OK c. Board shorts are OK d. Denim shorts are OK e. Athletic shorts are OK, however they must be knee length and fit properly. NO volleyball shorts, Daisy Dukes, or short shorts. 4) Pajamas are NOT allowed 5) Boys: You must be clean-shaven. Earrings or studs of any kind are not allowed. 6) Slippers are allowed. If not properly attired, students will not be allowed into the dance.

Have you begun the hunt for your dress white shoes? Here’s a deal you won’t want to miss. Celebrity Tuxedos will be selling refurbished men's dress white shoes for $40 in the 'Akahi Student Center classroom on December 5 from 10:00am - 3:00pm. Stop by during your lunch period to be fitted and to purchase your shoes (don’t forget your payment). Cash, credit card or checks accepted. Make checks payable to “Celebrity Tuxedos”. Socks will also be available for $5 per pair (tax included). Contact Laurie Waracka (lawarack@ksbe.edu or 808-842-8177) for more information.

FLIK will host Pace Yourself Day on both campuses. 'Akahi will serve on Monday 12/05/2016 and Kalama will serve on Thursday 12/08/2016. Portion awareness is one of the key pillars in the pace yourself initiative along with waste reduction. In efforts to educate on portion size and waste reduction, the menu for Pace Yourself December is as follows: Herb Crusted Pork Loin topped with Shitake Sauce, steamed white rice and fresh vegetables. We typically serve Gen Ji Mai brand brown rice as our standard rice serving because of its higher nutritional value. However, over the last two school years we have found that steamed white rice is the preferred starch and so we have chosen to serve it during December’s Pace Yourself Day. White rice, being the favorite, comes with the largest of the self-serve portions and also the largest amount of post-consumption waste. Please let your student know that they will be served one (1) USDA Recommended Portion Size per trip through the entrée and saimin lines (Saimin at High School Only). The goal is that our guests will Pace Themselves while eating and listen to their bodies. If they are still hungry they are welcome to come back for another recommended serving as many times as they are able. Salad, Bar, Fruit and Yogurt Bar, Deli Bar and Composed Salads will still be offered as a self-serve option. We are looking for volunteers to help serve on both campuses if you know anyone interested we offer huge mahalos and free lunch in exchange for service

Come celebrate Computer Science week by participating in the Hour of Code in Midkiff Lani from 10:40 - 12:00 pm during Dec. 5 - 8, 2016. Come and have fun learning the fundamentals of computer science. No coding experience necessary

Black Friday is over but the sales continue. Come to Konia field and support the DogCatHuggers Club. We'll be selling tie-dyed t-shirts, tote bags, shoe laces and bandanas. Look for our tent Monday-Friday, December 5-9. T-shirts and tote bags are only $6 each. Shoe laces and bandanas are just $2 each. Each item is individually made and one of a kind!