Kapalama High School


Summary Daily Bulletin for Sunday, March 26, 2017

Students must return replacement ID cards within five (5) school days (includes date ID was issued) in order to receive credits: e.g., ID card borrowed Monday, August 22, 2016, must be returned by Friday, August 26, 2016. Mahalo!

Students in Grades 9-12 are reminded that elementary and middle school campuses are off limits. Students are also reminded that you are to catch buses from either middle or upper campus only. Thank you.

Limited one-day parking spaces are available on a first come, first served basis. PASSES MUST BE PURCHASED FROM THE ‘AKAHI STUDENT CENTER BEFORE THE DAY THEY ARE NEEDED. The cost of a one-day pass is $2.00 a day. A student must have his/her driver's license, current registration, proof of insurance, and safety check for the vehicle(s) which will be driven when purchasing a one-day pass for the first time. REMEMBER: THE VEHICLE MUST BELONG TO AN IMMEDIATE FAMILY MEMBER (MOTHER, FATHER, SISTER, BROTHER). The ‘Akahi Student Center normally opens at 7:00 a.m. One-day passes will be sold in the morning if spaces are still available and if there is an emergency. STUDENTS WHO FIND IT NECESSARY TO PURCHASE A ONE-DAY PASS BEFORE 7:30 A.M. THE DAY THEY NEED IT ARE NOT GUARANTEED A SPACE. SO, PLAN AHEAD. AN ALTERNATIVE IS TO PARK AT THE TERMINAL AND CATCH THE TERMINAL BUS TO CAMPUS. If a student parks on campus without a parking pass, driving privileges will be revoked for five days. If you have any questions, please call Ext. 28531.

As a reminder to students, footwear is required in ‘Akahi Dining Hall.

The 2016-2017 High School Activities Calendar can be found at: http://kapalama.ksbe.edu/high/home/

As a reminder to students, personal or outside fundraising on campus is NOT allowed.

Students in Grades 9-12 are reminded that Kekūhaupi‘o Gymnasium facilities are off limits, until 3:05pm. Unless supervised by a teacher for PE classes. Students are also reminded that you are to catch buses from either middle or upper campus only. Thank you.

The tennis courts are off limits during the school day. Only classes are allowed during the day. All other students must not hang around during the day.

As a reminder, students need to be in their uniforms during the school day. Students participating in PE, Hawaiian Ensemble, etc. are to change in to their clothes during that class period (not before) and are to change back in to their uniforms before leaving that class. Students not in uniform will be reported to the unit office.

As a reminder to student drivers, students are NOT allowed to park in the Athletic parking structure during the school day, including during assemblies.

As a reminder to registered student drivers, you are not allowed to move your vehicle during school hours. Your vehicle must remain in your assigned parking zone until the END of the last period or activity of the school day, including assemblies. Violators will be issued citations for a moving violation.


Flik is on Instagram and Twitter!! See what’s happening in both Akahi and Kalama dining halls!!! Trading follow for follow @flik_ks If you see our vegetable revolution featured vegetable take a pic and #vegrev Did you make a beautiful fruit filled plate? Snap a pic #fruitsmatter Like us @flik_ks

As a reminder, student drivers need to register at the ‘Akahi Student Center to park on campus. Student drivers must purchase a parking pass to park on campus and park in their assigned zone according to their parking decal or one-day parking pass. As the number of student drivers increases throughout the school year, there is a possibility that parking will be sold out. Please plan accordingly and purchase passes ahead of time. DO NOT PARK IN A PARKING ZONE THAT YOU ARE NOT ASSIGNED TO. Violators will be issued parking citations.

Aloha Kamehameha Schools `Ohana, any assistance you can lend in helping Kapālama to earn the Foodland’s Shop for Higher Education scholarship would be greatly appreciated. Beginning February 15th through March 28th, when shoppers link their Maika'i card to Kapālama's code #7542 we earn points that can translate into scholarships for our students. The more points we earn the more scholarships we can award.

We are starting to experience an increase of theft incidents involving students who leave their personal belongings unattended and/or unsecured in our recreational facilities and other areas on campus. I am requesting that students be advised via school bulletins or other appropriate communication of the following prevention tips: •Avoid bringing high value items or large amounts of cash to school. •Do not leave personal belongings unattended or unsecured at any time. •Immediately report any suspicious activity or suspected theft incidents to the unit office and contact security.

MAC Cosmetics will be here during homeroom on April 4th to share make-up tips. Reserve your place by emailing shchan@ksbe.edu with your name and your choice for first homeroom or second homeroom.

Ma‘ema‘e Elementary School is recruiting student volunteers for their Family Night Fundraiser on Friday May 5. Volunteers are needed to help with games and rides. The shifts start from 2-4pm, 4-6pm and 6-8pm. A light dinner will be provided and a place to store your belongings. Please contact Melanie Kawai at Melanie_Kawai/MAEMAE/HIDOE@notes.k12.hi.us or at 391-5907 if you have any questions.

Flik is excited to announce a second chef in our guest chef series!! Monday April 10th, Akahi’s lunch will be designed for us by Local Chef and KS Alumni, Chef David Lukela!! His menu will include Balsamic Teriyaki Beef, Vegetarian Taco Rice, and Kim Chee Brussels Sprouts.