KS Surf Team


Practice Schedule: (After School) starting 1st week of February

  1. -Mondays (Kewalos or Sand Island)

  2. -Fridays (Diamond Head)

Competition Dates

  1. A.HSP- May 2nd SUNDAY at Kewalos

  2. B.Freedom Surf Contest- April 24 -25

  3. C.NSSA Nationals- June 27- July 4 @ Huntington Beach, CA

Students in KS Surf Team are required to attain and complete the following:

  1. a.Must be in good health

  2. b.Must be a member of SGB Club and have paid club dues and submitted club forms

  3. c.Completed one SGB club community service project per semester

  4. d.Meet Athletic Academic requirements of minimum of 2.0 GPA with No Fʻs

  5. e.Certified Jr. Lifeguard or equivalent (CPR/First Aid, Ocean Safety skills, Ocean Rescue Training, and Basic Ocean Ability)

  6. f.Provide own surfboard or bodyboard

  7. g.Be able to pay portions of contests fees


KS Surf Team Requirements

KS Surf Team Information