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Homeroom Pics Founders Day

December 19. 2007

New Media 1 and II

Welcome back to school. Pull out your scrapbook and and start taking pictures of your awards, ribbons and trophies for our digital portfolio!!!




Money Management and Investments

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Semester 2: January 2009



Technology Preparation

Welcome to Summer School

Requirements for this week.

Find a recipe that you really like. Keep it simple, you will need to prepare it for the class


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Cisco 1/Cisco 2

CCNA Discovery Curriculum is a full 1 year course.

You will receive 2 Discovery Program certificates

The course will prepare you for the CCIE Exam.



Special Projects::

  • Surf Resort
  • Student Survey

Daily Routine

Monday: Keyboarding Drills with MTP3.0

Tues: Century Text Activities

Wed: Proof Reading

Thurs. Century Text Activities

Fri. Final Speed/Accuracy Test with MPP.




These are some funny songs my friend and I wrote in the late 1970's. You've got to have lots of time on your hands to have found this page.


Paniolo Joe (recorded on the homegrown III album in 1979)




Here is the cover of the album that features the song, "Paniolo Joe" sung by me, "Dick Diamondhead" I have been playing this song at parties and for friends for the past 20 years. People really find it funny.


You can look at the music or listen to the song by clicking on the links below


Music sheet for Paniolo Joe

Recording of Paniolo Joe

See the video from Homegrown III

Internet postings


Here is a list and access to the sheet musci for other songs I have published in the past. You are really desparate for something to do if you have ventured this far.


Aloha Oi vey!

Coming of age

Aloha Song






























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