Aloha ʻĀina Units

Cultural Foundation

Each grade level unit is built on a foundation of Hawaiian cultural beliefs and values.

Project-based Learning
Students engage in science and math investigations to discover their connections to their local environment and ways that they can kokua to help care for their community.

Locally Relevant Readings
Student readings and background information for teachers include mo'olelo, maps, and local history related to the ahupua'a being studied. Beautiful artwork by Hawaiian artist, Brook Parker and stunning color photographs by local photographers enhance the readings.

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Grade Level
Essential Questions
Values Emphasized

How do wetlands help our community and how can we kokua (help) to care for wetlands?
(Helping; assisting)

How do Hawaiian practices nurture a healthy relationship to the `āina, and how can we give back to the `āina today?
Laulima (Cooperating)
Malama (Caring)

Stream Life
How is lokahi (balance) among native stream plants and animals affected by human activities and what can we do to care for the stream community?
(Balance; harmony)

How has technology changed the way we consume and dispose of products and what can we do to reduce waste and ho'ola (to heal) our ahupua'a?
Ho'ola (To heal)
Kuleana (Responsibility)

Coral Reefs
How are human activities affecting coral reefs in Kane'ohe Bay and what can we do to ho'ihi (respect) the bay and promote sustainability?
Ho'ihi (Respect)

School Yard Gardens
How do we grow healthy foods and malama 'aina (care for the land) so that the land will continue to nurture us in the future?
Malama 'aina
(Caring for the land)

What processes created the natural landforms in our area, what role did these landforms play in Hawaiian culture and history, and how do we show ho'ihi (respect) for them?
Learning About Landforms
Ho'ihi (Respect)
9 - 12

What issues are affecting our streams and how can we improve water quality and care for these resources?
Pa'ahana (Hard-working)
9 - 12

How can we increase the productivity of Waikalua Loko and why should we take action to mälama the pond?
Malama (Caring)
9 - 12

Why are native Hawaiian forests home to so many native and endangered species and how can we raise public awareness about the need to malama (care for) forests?
Malama (Caring)

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