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Crew List 2003 - 2004 Northwest Islands NAVIGATING CHANGE

O'ahu to Kaua'i
September 7, 2003 departure

Captain: Bruce Blankenfeld

Carey Amimoto

Anela Benson

Leimomi Dierks

Timmy Gilliom

Kiki Hugho

Nohea Kaiaokamalie

Jerry Muller

Dean Nikaido

Mel Paoa

Ronson Sahut

Jan TenBruggencate

Boyd Yap.

Kaua'i to Nihoa
September 9, 2003 departure

Nainoa Thompson

Russell Amimoto

Na`alehu Anthony

Bruce Blankenfeld

Nohea Kaiaokamaile

Cindy Macfarlane

Mel Paoa

Jan TenBruggencate

Kana Uchino

Alex Wegman

Aulani Wilhelm


Voyages will continue in spring of 2004. Reports are not complete as of this date.

This is a list of names. Sources are the Polynesian Voyaging Society, the PVS Archives and other documents. No claim to accuracy is made.

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