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1921 GEORGE ALANSON ANDRUS TROPHY Senior Division Award, Kamehameha School for Boys

On May 26, l92l the Kamehameha School for Boys staged an inter-class song and stunt night, the first of its kind.

The classes competed for the GEORGE ALANSON ANDRUS TROPHY. This was a memorial trophy presented by the Athletic Association in honor of Mr. Andrus, who for several years, was director of music at the School for Boys.

Ka Moi: February ll, l947



1922 NEW ENGLAND MOTHERS CUP Senior Division, Kamehameha School for Girls

The NEW ENGLAND MOTHERS CUP came about when Mrs. E.G. Scoville of Watertown, Connecticut, visiting the Hawaiian Islands in l922, heard the girls of Kamehameha sing and was so impressed with the charm of the Hawaiian melodies that she made arrangements for the cup to be awarded to the annual song contest winner.

Ka Moi: February ll, l947, March l9, l986





1922 MARY ATHERTON RICHARDS LOVING CUP, the Junior Division Award, Kamehameha School for Girls

In l922, Mrs. Theodore Richards, wife of a former Kamehameha Schools Principal, donated the MARY ATHERTON RICHARDS LOVING CUP for thewinner of the junior division (gr. 7,8,9 ) at the Girls' School.
A philanthropist, she funded the Ida M. Pope Fund which continues to finance Hawaiian girls who wish to continue their education so that they can help better living standards here in the islands.
The junior division competition ended in SY. l954-55 when the seventh and eighth grades became a part of the Kamehameha Schools Preparatory Department.

SB/Adv. February l, l947
Ka Moi: February ll, l947, May ll, l95l

1928 RICHARD H. TRENT, the Junior Division Award

During SY l927-28 a junior division was created for the School for Boys annual song contest. A cup was donated by RICHARD H. TRENT , Trustee of the Kamehameha Schools from l9l7 to l939. He was also a Trustee of Bernice P. Bishop Museum.

The original school for boys contest cup, the George A. Andrus cup, was designated as the trophy for the senior division winner and the Richard H. Trent Cup for the junior division winner.

Ka Moi: April 2l, l934, February ll, l947

1967 CHARLES E. KING CUP for the Combined winning class

In l967 a new dimension was added to the song contest when the boys and girls of each class (gr. 9, l0, ll, l2) combined to present a song. The KS/BE Trustees offered an additional trophy, the CHARLES E. KING Cup, to be given to the combined winning class.

Charles Edward King was born on the Queen Emma Estate in Nu'uanu Valley. Queen Emma christened him at St. Andrews Cathedral on September 20, l874. He was baptized Charles Edward King in honor of Prince Charles Edward of Great Britain.

He studied at the Kamehameha Schools and graduated in the schools first graduating class in 1891. Mr. Charles Reed Bishop took an interest in him and saw to his receiving a scholarship to Oswego Normal School in New York. Returning to Hawaii, King taught music in the public schools and also at Kamehameha, conducted the Royal Hawaiian Band, and for a time served as a Territorial Senator.

He is best remembered as a prolific writer of Hawaiian songs. Among the most famous of these are Ke Kali Nei Au, Imi Au Ia 'Oe, Ku'u Lei Lehua, and Ka'iulani Ali'i.

Song Contest Program: March l7, l972


1972 LOUISE AOE McGREGOR AWARD, the Student Director Award

The LOUISE AOE McGREGOR AWARD, named for a member of the first graduating class of the School for Girls in l897, was first presented in l972. This award is given to the student director who is recognized as having made significant contributions to the entire class and has shown organizational ability, leadership, assistance to others, and persistence.

Ka Moi: March l8, l977, March 20, l985


1989 RICHARD LYMAN, JR . "OLELO MAKUAHINE," the Hawaiian Language Award

Mr. Richard Lyman, Jr. a Kamehameha Schools Bishop Estate Trustee from l959 to l988, was keenly interested in the preservation of the Hawaiian language and culture. Since l989 the RICHARD LYMAN, JR . "OLELO MAKUAHINE" (mother tongue) Award is presented to the class whose use of the Hawaiian language within a song is excellent.

Song Contest Program: l989



1993 HELEN DESHA BEAMER AWARD, the Class Award

The HELEN DESHA BEAMER AWARD made its debut at the l993 Song Contest and recognizes the best musical performance by a class. Donated by the Kamehameha Alumni Association, the award honors the substantial contributions of Helen Desha Beamer to the lexicon of Hawaiian music. Helen Desha Beamer was a l900 graduate of the Kamehameha School for Girls.

Song Contest Program: March l9, l993



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