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History of School's Song Contest Dates Back To 1920

Singing has always been a means of expression among the students of Kamehameha, so it was natural that such affairs as the annual song contest would evolve.

On Wednesday evening, preceding Armistice Day in 1920, the boys staged an inter-class song and stunt night, the first of its kind. The classes competed for the George Alanson Andrus trophy presented by the athletic association in honor of Mr. Andrus, who for several years was director of music at the school for boys. 1921-1949 winners are listed here.

The second annual song contest was held in the spring at the school for girls and the third about the same time at the school for boys.

A second trophy was donated to be given to the winner of the junior division, which was created in the annual song contest at the school for girls. This cup was donated by Mrs. Theodore Richards. The original cup, which had been donated by Mrs. L.H. Scoville of Watertown, Conn., was made the award for the senior division winner in the contest. This latter cup is known as the New England Mother's cup. 1921-1949 winners are listed here.

This donation came about when Mrs. Scoville, visiting the Hawaiian Islands, heard the girls of Kamehameha sing and was so impressed with the charm of the Hawaiian melodies that she made arrangements for the cup to be awarded to the annual song contest winner. This same years a junior division was arranged for the school for boys song contest and a cup donated by Richard H. Trent, a member of the board of trustees. 1928-1955 winners are listed here. The original school for boys contest cup, the George A. Andrus cup, was designated as the trophy for the senior division winner. In an opening speech at the school for boys 928 song contest, James Hakuole, '28, traced the origin of the Andrus cup as follows: "Back in the fall of 1912 Mr. George A. Andrus, Oberlin college, an institution that is also known for its good singing, came to Kamehameha to teach music. He died in 1920. Mr. Andrus is the man who inspired our present system of annual song contests held here. During the school year 1920-21, R. J. Borden suggested a memorial cup and the Kamehameha Athletic association donated it."

Interest in Honolulu led to interscholastic song contest, Kamehameha winning the int erscholastic song contest in 1928.

Each class sings two Hawaiian songs, a choice song which the class selects and the prize song selected by the music department of the school. A song leader is chosen by the class to lead it in the contest. Ka Mo'i , Tuesday,February 11, 1947, Vol. 23, No. 4 Honolulu, Hawaii U.S.A.

History of Song Contest Trophies. Research done in the Fall of 1997 by Nellie Stewart Johnson, Kamehameha School for Girls, Class of 1947.

History of Song Contest from Hawaiian Holiday, March 5, 1961


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