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1822. January 25
Charles Reed Bishop born to Samuel and Mary Bishop, Glens Falls, New York,

1831. December 19
Princess Bernice Pauahi born to Chiefs Laura Konia and Abner Paki, Honolulu; she became keiki hanai; to Chiefs Kinau and Kekuanaoa.

1839. June 13
Princess Bernice Pauahi Paki enters the Royal School for Chiefs' Children, under the supervision of Mr. and Mrs. Amos Starr Cooke,

1846. October 12
Charles Reed Bishop and William Little Lee arrive in Honolulu enroute to Oregon from New York. They decide to remain in Honolulu.

1850. June 4
Charles Reed Bishop and Princess Bernice Pauahi were married at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Cooke.

1883. May 24
Princess Ruth Ke'elikolani died at her home, Keoua Hale, 21 Emma Street, leaving her entire estate to her cousin, Princess Bernice Pauahi Bishop. Princess Ruth, descendent of King Kamehameha I, had inherited the royal lands.

1884. October 16
Princess Bernice Pauahi Bishop died, at her home, Keoua Hale, inherited from Princess Ruth. Princess Bernice Pauahi's will provided for the establishment "in the Hawaiian Islands two schools, each for boarding and day scholars, one for boys and one for girls, to be known as, and called the Kamehameha Schools." The majority of her estate was devoted to this purpose.

1885. Aoril 9
The five Trustees appointed by Mrs. Bishop in her will, Charles R. Bishop, Samuel M. Damon, Charles M. Hyde, Charles M. Cooke, and William O. Smith, held their first meeting in Keoua Hale.

1885. December 31
The Manual Department (School for Boys) Palama site was selected and a prospectus outlining Princess Bernice Pauahi's hopes for her ;Trust was adopted.

1886. January 22
Princess Bernice Pauahi's Trust was formally adopted by the Trustees as of January I, 1886. The estate executors turned over $18,705.19 to Trustee treasurer S. M. Damon. The assessed valuation of the properties turned over to the Trustees as of January 31, 1885 was $474,000.

1886. April 15
Rev. William Brewster Oleson hired as principal of the Manual Department beginning July I, 1886. He had been principal of the Hilo Boarding School for eight years previously.

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1886. October 21
Trustee William O. Smith resigned; Joseph O. Carter appointed in his place.

1887. January 3
Trustees file first annual accounting in the Supreme Court. This was the first yearly report.

1887. March 25
The Manual Department curriculum was adopted as a three year program.

1 887. October 3
The Manual Department (Kamehameha School for Boys) opened for the admission of pupils. 34 boys passed the entrance examinations successfully, becoming the first pupils at the School. 6 additional pupils were later admitted for a total of 40 pupils through December 31, 1887.

1887. November 4
Opening Exercises of the Manual Department were held, with forty pupils present. Princess Lili'uokalani and other members of the royal family attended. The following buildings were completed: Principal's home; dormitories A and B; the dining hall and kitchen.

1 888, Decem ber 19
Founder's Day first observed, with Charles R. Bishop giving the principal address. The Preparatory Department for boys six to twelve was formally dedicated. Charles R. Bishop gave the funding for the Preparatory Department building. Miss Carrie A. Reamer had been appointed principal of the Preparatory Department June 27, 1888.

1889. January .
Handicraft, the school newspaper, first published.

1889. December 19
Founding date of the Bernice Pauahi Bishop Museum, paid for by Charles R. Bishop.

1891. June 23
The Manual Department held its first graduation Exercises, with 14 graduates. Two of the graduates, Charles E. King and Samuel Keliinoi, were sent to Oswego Normal School, New York, at the expense of Charles R. Bishop.

1891. December 19 I
Bishop Hall, the first administrative and assembly building for the Manual Department, paid for by Charles R. Bishop, was formally dedicated.

1892. January 22
First electric light plant installed on campus.

1892. Mav 19 ;:
Manual Department studies program extended to six years.

1892. Julv 1
Theodore Richards replaced Rev. Oleson, who had resigned, as principal of the Manual Department. Mr. Richards had been hired as assistant master of the Manual Department October 17,1889.

1893. June 27
The tailor shop of the Manual Department organized with David Kanuha, tailor.

1894. March 2
Miss Ida M. Pope hired as principal of the soon-to-be Kamehameha School for Girls.

1894. March 2
Charles R. Bishop sailed for San Francisco, California, to take up life there, never to return to Hawai'i, but retaining his interest in Kamehameha Schools always.

1894. October 19
The hospital building for the Manual Department was completed, with three rooms and an annex for a nurse. Dr. F. R. Day was appointed physician-in-charge.

1894. December 19
The Kamehameha School for Girls was formally dedicated. The course of study was three years. The building was partially paid for by Charles R. Bishop, who also donated the furnishings of, the Bishop residence, Keoua Hale. These furnishing are now in the Heritage Center. Polynesian Hall, Bishop Museum, paid for by Charles R. Bishop, was dedicated the same day.

1895. Aoril 19
An agricultural department of the Manual Department was authorized for September, 1895.

1896. July 23
The draft establishing the Bishop Museum as a separate entity from the Bishop Estate was approved by Charles Reed Bishop and adopted by the Trustees.

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1897. October 13
Charles R. Bishop resigned as Trustee, as his permanent residence had become San Francisco.

1897. December 19
The Bishop Memorial Chapel, the gift of Charles R. Bishop in memory of Bernice Pauahi Bishop, was dedicated on the Kamehameha Schools campus.

1898. May 6
Uldrick Thompson appointed principal to succeed Theodore Richards who had resigned. Mr. Thompson had been engaged as instructor July 3, 1889.

1898. Julv 12
Rev. S. P. Perry was appointed chaplain of the Bishop Memorial Chapel.

1898. August 19
The course of study at the girls' school was extended to four years effective September I.

1901. Julv 19
The United States Government began a condemnation suit against the Bishop Estate to obtain necessary properties relating to Pearl Harbor. On January 25, 1902, the U.S. District Court awarded $52,757.50 to the Estate in compensation.

1904. October 19
The title/position of President of the Kamehameha Schools was created and given to Perley L. Home who had been appointed principal of the Manual Department June 27.

1904. December 13
E. Faxon Bishop, nephew of Charles R. Bishop, was appointed Trustee.

1905. Mav 5
Sewing and dressmaking program became part of studies at the girls' school as of September I.

1907. September 13
A savings bank was started in the Manual Department.

1908. March 13
Evening classes begun at the Manual Department.

1908. March 24
Bishop Memorial Church was organized with the Rev. John L. Hopwood as Chaplain.

1908. October 2
A United States Army officer, Lt. Winters, was detailed to the Manual Department as instructor of military science and tactics.

1912. December 19
The senior cottage at the girls' school was dedicated.

1915. June 7
Charles R. Bishop died in Berkeley, California. His ashes reached Honolulu on June 22 and on June 24, the Honorable Charles Reed Bishop was buried in the Royal Mausoleum.

1918. September 20
Trustees of the three Bishop Trusts moved from the Museum Office Building, 77 Merchant Street (which had been paid for by Charles R. Bishop and opened February 19, 1897) to the Estate building at 848 Ka'ahumanu Street.

1921. May 26 I
The first annual Song Contest held in front of the Bishop Museum, with the boys' school classes in competition for the Andrus trophy, in honor of George Alanson Andrus, a former director of music at KSB.

1921. September 1
Tenth grade added to KSB and KSG.

1922. September 1
Eleventh graded added to KSB and KSG.

1923. July I
Frank E. Midkiff appointed third President of the Schools, succeeding Ernest R. Webster, who resigned.

1923. September 1
Twelfth grade added to KSB and KSG.

1924. June 1
Ka Mo;, the first school year book, made its appearance. The name was changed to Na'; Aupun; with the 1945 issue, and finally to Ka Na'; Aupuni in 1953.

1925. January 26
Trustees announce their plan to erect a new school plant in upper Kapalama.

1925. May 16
The first Ho'olaulea was held.

1925. October 20
A new senior cottage at the girls's school was opened, with a living baby as part of the program.

1931. September 13
The new Kamehameha School for Girls campus on Kapalama Heights was dedicated.

1932. June 1
The Kameharneha Schools Preparatory Department was closed.

1932. September
The status of the ROTC at KSB was changed to "Civilian School with ROTC."

1934. September 1
Dr. Homer F. Barnes, appointed Principal-in-Charge, succeeding President Frank E. Midkiff.

1939. June 8
Frank E. Midkiff appointed Trustee.

1940. September 2
The new Kamehameha School for Boys campus on Kapalama Heights was opened.

1941. December 11
Provisional General Hospital # I established on the KSG campus for the duration of the war.

1942. Seotember 1
Dr. Pauline Frederick appointed Principal of KSG.

1943. Seotember 6
The Kamehameha Schools Preparatory Department re-opened as a coeducational day and boarding department, with Mrs. Lela R. Brewer as Principal.

1945. October 22
ROTC reactivated after a lapse during the early years of the war.

1946. August 1
Col. Harold W. Kent appointed fourth President of KS.

1946. October 12
The centennial of the arrival of Charles Reed Bishop in Hawai'i was organized.

1947. January 24
The entire student body of KS rode on the last train trip of the Oahu Railway and Land Company.

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1947. March ..
Hawaiian Culture Committee appointed.

1947. March 8
Kamehameha Schools Alumni hold a housewarming at their newly acquired Liliha Street quarters.

1947. Seotember 1
Jean Kelley, first student from Ni'ihau, enrolled.

1947. November 4
60th Anniversary of the opening of the Manual Department (KSB) celebrated. A record album, Songs of Hawaii, by the Kamehameha School Boys' and Girls' Chorus, was issued.

1948. January 26
KSB and KSG admitted to and accredited by Northwestern Association Secondary and Higher Schools.

1948. October 31
60th Anniversary of the opening of the Kamehameha Schools Preparatory Department.

1949. February 10
The admissions policy of the Kamehameha Schools first published.

1949. February 11
The first of the Caroline Curtis-Mary Pukui Legend Series, Pikoi, was published by the Kamehameha Schools Press. The second, Water of Kane, was published May 10, 195 I. The third, Tales of the Menehune, was published June 12, 1960.

1949. November 10
The KSG classroom building, Konia, was dedicated.

1951. January 19
A complete grading system with specially designed report forms was officially instituted.

1951. August 1
The War Department authorized the Military Institute (MI) rating for KSB.

1951. November 10
The Schools' fieldhouse, Kekuhaupi'o, was dedicated.

1952. March 24
The service awards system honoring service to the Schools was instituted -certificate, pins, and service awards dinner.

1952. September 2
The Bishop Museum Workshop of the Kamehameha Schools was opened with Dr. Donald Kilolani Mitchell in charge.

1953. March 13
Pins with Hawaiian symbolism adopted for scholarship, citizenship, and highest honors.

1953. October 6
Kamehameha Schools radio station KVOK dedicated, with Gov. Samuel Wilder King as guest speaker.

1954. January 4
The Kamehameha bus station and terminal opened.

1954. January 15
The Kamehameha Alumni Glee Club was organized, with Harold Tumey, Director.

1954. December 19
60th Anniversary of the Kamehameha School for Girls.

1955. Seotember 21
Princess Bernice Pauahi building dedicated.

1955. Seotember 25
The Karnehameha Schools Preparatory Department, Charles Reed Bishop campus on Kapalama Heights dedicated.

1955. December 15
Ke Ali'i Pauahi, first issue, published for graduates and parents. Last issue was October, 1969.

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1956. June 3
Ke Ali'i Pauahi Award for distinguished service to the Estate and Schools was instituted at commencement exercises.

1956. Seotember 1
Speech Qualification program instituted at all three Karnehameha Schools.

1956. Seotember 1
C. Montague Cooke Home was purchased for boarding girls for KSPD. It was later sold to the First Unitarian Church in 1962.

1957. January 11
Rifle Range was dedicated and the first invitational rifle meet held.

1957. November 12
The Trustees, with approval of the Circuit Court, transferred campus lands on former school site to the Bishop Museum.

1958. Seotember 1
Office of Guidance and Admissions opened.

1959. February 13. 14
First Science Fair held at KS.

1959. March 1
The Karnehameha Schools Directory of Graduates and Staff, 1887-1958, was published.

1960. November 4
The KSB classroom building, Paki Hall, dedicated.

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1960. November 19
Ruling Chiefs of Hawaii by Kamakau was published by the Kamehameha Schools Press.

1961. January 20
The band, color guard, and marching unit of the KSB participated in the inaugural parade for John F. Kennedy, Washington, DC.

1961. September 1
A three-year, high school level Hawaiian language course for credit was organized with the cooperation of the University of Hawai'i.

1961. September 1
The first coeducational classes at KS were held.

1962. Februarv 18
A/bum of Likenesses, (of Char/es Reed and Bernice /Pauahi Bishop, by Harold W. Kent, was published by the Kamehameha Schools Press.

1962. September
A united graduates' organization formed of KS alumni and alumnae.

1962. October 17
James W. Bushong became fifth President of KS, Harold W. Kent, former President, became consultant to the Trustees.

1962. October 22
The KSPD dormitories on Kapalama Heights dedicated.

1963. September 1
Extension, Scholarship, and Occupational Departments established.

1963. September 21
First meeting of the Kamehameha Schools Advisory Council, which had been authorized May 9, ]963.

1963. November 4
A year long commemoration of the 75th Anniversary of the founding of the Schools initiated.

1964. Mav 1
The Ruth Ke'elikolani swimming pool dedicated.

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