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Primary Sources Documents

Handicraft, a monthly journal devoted to manual training, 1889-1900

Europe in 1875 from the travel diary of Bermice Pauahi Bishop (Ka Mo'i articles)

Lists of Significant People and Dates by Col. Harold W. Kent (updated)

"The Purpose of the School" by Hon. C.R. Bishop (The Handicraft)

[Recollections of Pauahi] 1923 Founder's Day Speech by Mrs. Pierre Jones

Song Contest from the 1920s to the 1970s

Wills and Deeds of Trust

Chief Executives since 2000. Reorganization charts.

People and Events

Hui Panala‘au, colonists of the Equatorial Line Islands from 1935 - 1941

Mrs. Gladys Brandt, Principal of Kamehameha Schools for Girls, 1963- 1970

Occupations of the First Graduates, 1891 - 1900

Ho‘oulu Hawaiian Data Center 2003 - ancestry registration center

Secondary Histories from primary source documents

Domestic science at Kamehameha School for Girls and Home Economics at Kamehameha Schools, 1894-1981: a brief program history.


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