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It is proposed to erect a wooden building on or near lots 104 & 105 of the plot of ground laid out makai of King Street. There will be a Central recessed part for administration offices. In either side will be wings. The upper story will have sleeping rooms for the girls and teachers on the same floor. On the Mauka side there will be recitation rooms and assembly hall, and a gymnasium. On the makai side a dining room. On the first floor sewing and music rooms, matron's room and equipment room, on the rear will be the Kitchen, scullery, storeroom, and pantries, and in the basement below, laundry, ironing room, folding room. (From the Prospectus)

Prospectus, the first paragraph

In establishing the Girl's School as required by the will of Hon. Mrs. B.P. Bishop, after putting into successful operation the School for Boys, the Trustees propose to furnish as soon as practicable the needful building for a course of industrial, intellectual and moral training for older Hawaiian girls, those of 10 to 12 years of age and upwards. It is the intention to make this School as much as possible a Home, under - when uplifting, transforming, and sheltering influences, about sixty girls may have all needed encouragement and assistance in fitting them to become capable, useful and worthy women. All applicants will be accepted for our year only, conditional on passing satisfactory examination as the ability to read and write selected passages from the Gospel of John in English. Adequate knowledge of the four fundamental rules of arithmetic, and Common fractions, and a general acquaintance with the geography and history of the Hawaiian Islands. The candidate must also present satisfactory testimonials from some reputable physician as to health as to moral character from her teacher or pastor. Any longer connection with the school beyond the one year limit will be determined by the progress made in the prescribed studies and in the satisfactory development of character. (The Prospectus)

About the Kamehameha School for Girls by Uldrick Thompson

Organization of the Kamehameha School for Girls was delayed until 1894 because funds were low...On April 27th, 1894 the Trustees appointed Miss Ida M. Pope principal of the School for Girls. At the time of this appointment, Miss Pope was principal of the Kawaiahao Girls School...[Kawaiahao Seminary]...The devotion of the Alumnae to Miss Pope's memory was inspired by her devotion to her girls and to all Hawaiians.
Reminiscences of the Kamehameha Schools by Uldrick Thompson, p. 5.

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