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>> Frank Elbert Midkiff (1887 - 1983)


Birthplace: Anna, Illinois

Parents: Reverend James Jesse and Bertha Wilson Midkiff

November 15, 1887

He was the fourth of nine children.

His mother died when he was 12 years old.

•Foreman at Kimberley Gold Mine. Jardine, Montana. In charge of running ore through Huntington Mill - 1907


1905 - 1908

Age: 18 - 21

Stonnington High School, Illinois)
•Shurtleff Academy and College, Upper Alton, Illinois

Principal. Teacher of physics, chemistry, biology, agriculture. Coach of sports teams. Lewistown High School, Lewistown, Illinois. (between his junior and senior year at Colgate to earn college tuition) 1908 - 10

Teacher of chemistry, biology and Robert’s Rules of Order at Colgate Academy - 1911-12

1908-1912 Colgate University. Phi Beta Kappa. A.B. in Geology.
Teacher of English and coach of baseball and football at Peddie Institute, Hightstown, New Jersey 1912 - 1913 Around-the-world itinerary: Hawaii and Constantinople (Istanbul, Turkey)

1913 - 1918

Age: 26 - 29


Teacher of English, mathematics, physiography, parliamentary law.
Athletic director for boys. 5 football championships.
Coach of football, basketball, baseball and track
Head of the boys’ dormitory. Rice Hall

First Lieutenant. Civilian Officer's Training School. Monterey, California 1916 Founded O'ahu College ROTC program

First lieutenant in the Hawai'i National Guard.

An organizer of the first company of Americans of Japanese ancestry in Hawai'i, Company “D.”

Coach and captain of the championship Hawai'i National Guard football team.

Member, U.S. Loyalty Review Board



Age: 30

Married Ruth Richards on June 29, 1917.

Ruth was the daughter of Theodore Richards, a principal of Kamehameha Schools from 1893-1898.

The Midkiff children are Mary Wilson, Robert Richards, and Frances Elizabeth.

1918 - 1919

Captain of Infantry. Regimental Adjutant, U.S. Army. World War I

Officer in Charge of the Fourth Officers’ Training School. Schofield Barracks, Territory of Hawai'i

Captain of “M” Company of Americans of Filipino ancestry

Post Adjutant after the Armistice of World War I.


Chairman, Territory of Hawaii Full Employment Commission to 1923

Member, Pacific War Memorial Commission. President, 1918-28

•Honorable discharge from the U.S. Army in August

“The Great War for Civilization, U.S. Army, WWI” medal recipient

•Co-founder and charter member of the American Legion, Post No. 1

•Chairman of the Department of Hawai'i Americanization Committee to aide the formation of the Society of American Citizens of Japanese ancestry


• Neighbor island representative for Lewer & Cooke, Ltd. until 1923

•Chairman of the First Charter Revision Commission for the City of Honolulu.


1923 - 1934

Age: 36 - 47

President of The Kamehameha Schools

Trustee of Bishop Memorial Church of The Kamehameha Schools

Secretary (7 years) and President (1 Year) of the Social Science Association of Honolulu 1924  
President of the University Club 1928 - 1931  
• Vice-Chairman and Secretary (1931-52) and Chairman (1952-82) of the Permanent Committee, Frederic Duclos Barstow Foundation which promotes the education of American Samoans 1931

• Member of the Territorial Board of Health for seven years.

•Lobbied the Territorial legislature for passage of a law requiring infant immunization against diphtheria after the death of his 3 year old daughter, Mary

Benefactor of American Samoa, an honorary degree from Francoise M.D. Barstow and William Barstow

  President, Barstow Foundation for American Samoans.



Age: 45

Honorary High Chief Ao'e'e of Tau District, Manu'a, American Samoa
  1933 - 1934 Yale, Columbia and New York University graduate student

• Organizer of the first Community Association of Hawai‘i at Waialua

• Founder and Director of the Community Associations of Hawai‘i (1934-40)

• Life Member of the Board of Trustees for the Community Associations in Hawai'i since 1958.

• President of the Institute of Pacific Relations, Hawai‘i Council. 

1934 • Treasurer of the J.B. Atherton Estate and the Juliette M. Atherton Trust

Chairman of the Committee on New Industries

Director, Officer, President (1935-45). Chamber of Commerce of Honolulu. 


Ph.D. in Education from Yale University

Royal Danish Consul at Honolulu 1936 - 1946  
  1939 - 1983 Trustee of The Kamehameha Schools/ Bernice Pauahi Bishop Estate (June 8, 1939-83 )
Member of the Territorial Planning Board 1939

Trustee and former President of the Board of the Bernice P. Bishop Museum. Honorary trustee of the Bernice P. Bishop Museum in 1975.

Life Member of the Bernice P. Bishop Museum.

Trustee of the Charles R. Bishop Trust.

• Trustee of Punahou School 1940 - 1983  
  1941 Organizer of the Disaster Relief Commission, the forerunner of the Office of Civilian Defense for WWII


Chairman of the Military Affairs Committee (the renewed activity of the Navy League in Hawai‘i

Chairman of the Civilian Affairs Committee

Founder of the Pacific War Memorial Commission. Honolulu Chamber of Commerce.


President of the Honolulu Chamber of Commerce

Founder of the Kokua Council

Chairman of the Public Health Advisory Committee

Secretary of the Territory of Hawai‘i ’s Post War Planning Commission

Member of the Territory of Hawai‘i Full Employment Commission until 1948


Trustee of Kuakini Hospital.
--Chairman of the Kuakini Hospital’s first fund drive

Chairman of Kuakini Hospital’s Building and Grounds Committee

Chairman of the American Battle Monuments Commission


Age: 60

Honorary Royal Danish Consul in Hawai‘i until 1957
Charter member of the Pacific War Memorial Commission (created by the Territorial legislature in 1949 and dismantled in 1981 by the State legislature. 1949  
  1952 • Member of the U.S. Loyalty Review Board until 1955

U.S. High Commissioner of the Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands by President Dwight D. Eisenhower

1953 - 1954

Ages: 66, 67

• Special United Nations Representative
Civilian Aide. Appointed by the Secretary of the Army for Hawai'i until 1963 1955 Certificate of Achievement and Medal for Civilian Service. United States Army, Pacific
  1957 Order of Ke Ali'i Pauahi. The Kamehameha Schools.

Knight of Dannebrog. Decorated by King Frederick IX of Denmark (May 28, 1958)

Member and Director of the Downtown Improvement Association

  1959 Founder of the Honolulu Group of International Christian Leadership.
Certificate and Statement of Appreciation for Patriotic Civilian Service. Department of the Army 1960  
  1961 Charter Sponsor of Na Poki'i, the Hawaiian scholars program

• Member and director of the O'ahu Development Council

• Executive committee member of the O'ahu Development Council in 1967


Age: 76

Outstanding Civilian Service Medal. From the U.S. Army
  1964 Father of the Year. Chamber of Commerce of Honolulu

Life Member of the Association of the U.S. Army, Washington D.C.

Honorary Chairman of the Army Advisory Committee

Member of the Civilian Advisory Group, U.S. Army

Member of the U.S. Air Force Association


Life Member award. The American Forestry Association.

Guardian of Berlin's Freedom. U.S. Army Berlin Brigade.

First president (2 years) of “The 200 Club” (formerly the One Hundred Club) 1967 Co-founder of “The One Hundred Club” (100 leading Hawai'i businessmen).
•Charter member of the Waikïkï Improvement Association 1968 Order of the Sacred Treasure. From the Emperor of Japan
  1969 Prince Akihito Scholarship award


Age: 84

Wife Ruth dies. There are 9 grandchildren from his two surviving children, Robert and Elizabeth
• Marjorie Carter Paddock becomes Frank's wife on February 28, 1973. She has 2 children and 5 grandchildren 1973 Order of the Splintered Paddle for Service to Mankind. The Honolulu Chamber of Commerce
Board of Advisors for the Honolulu Boy Choir 1974 Honorary Life Member of the Friends of 'Iolani Palace

Contributor. Century Club and President’s Council. Punahou School

Member, Presidents' Council, Colgate University until 1983

Member, Executive Committee Oahu Development Council until 1983


Honorary Member of the Hawaiian Civic Club of Honolulu

Trustee emeritus of the Bishop Museum

Alumni Award for Distinguished Service to Colgate. Colgate University Alumni Corporation

Certificate of Achievement. Kamehameha Schools Alumni Association


Co-founder and first President of the Japan-American Society of Honolulu (President emeritus in 1977)




Age: 90

• Frank E. Midkiff Learning Center. Dedication, January 23, 1977. Kamehameha Schools, Kapalama campus
• Member of the Board of Directors for the BOWFIN submarine 1978  
Old School Award and statement Punahou Alumni Association. May 7, 1981


Age: 94

Honorary Doctor of Humane Letters. Colgate University
Member, President’s Council, Colgate University
Member, American Historical Association.
Member, American Geographical Society.
Life Member. The Smithsonian Associates.
Life Member, Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge
Life Member and former member of Council, Hui Hanai, Queen Lili'uokalani Children’s Center.
President (2 years) and member of the Executive Committee of the American Red Cross, Hawai'i Chapter.
Member, Honolulu Academy of Arts.
Other memberships

Member, The Outdoor Circle.
Member, Defense Orientation Conference Association.
Member and Eagle Scout Sponsor, Aloha Council, Boy Scouts of America.
Century Club and Charter Member, Honolulu YMCA.
Century Club, Armed Services YMCA.
Chairman, Management Committee, Central Branch YMCA.
Member, Big Brothers.
Mason, Knight Templar.

Central Union Church
Pacific Club
O'ahu Country Club
Outrigger Canoe Club
Waialae Country Club
Hawaiian Civic Club (Honorary)

Textbook in Hawaiian Language, co-authored with John Wise, 1929.
The Economic Ancient Hawaiian Civilizations.
Determinants of Education in Hawaii
, 1935, co-editor.
The Kamehameha Schools / Bishop Estate 75th Anniversary Lecture.
Publications The Modern Educational Curriculum, co-author.
Survey of Education in American Samoa.
Numerous pamphlets and articles in professional journals.

Aloha to Frank E. Midkiff

Honolulu, Hawai'i

August 7, 1983

Age: 95

Words to honor Frank E. Midkiff. Dick Holbrau [sic]. The Sheraton Hawaii Corporation.

Many other awards, and memorabilia are in the Midkiff Learning Center, Frank E. Midkiff Collection, Kamehameha Schools. E komo mai! E kipa mai!

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