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Tandy Ka‘ohuokaleponi MacKenzie
(March 10, 1892 - November 9, 1963)

Kamehameha School for Boys, Class of 1911

The world's first great l
Native Hawaiian operatic tenor

tandy at ksb

Photo credit: Kamehameha Schools Photo Archives



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Contents: Tandy's biography by Jean S. MacKenzie, assorted newsclippings, photographs, record albums and posters.

Provenance: The collection existed before Kamehameha Schools Archives opened in 1992. Presumably, it was a gift from Mrs. Tandy MacKenzie. Mrs. MacKenzie gave Tandy's records, posters and news clippings to Kamehameha Schools. The Bishop Museum has his costumes. Information was added over the years by Archivist Zisk and Keith Haugen, a musician and admirer.

Bulk dates: 1900-1963

Location: Shelf 37

Size: 3 linear feet

Arrangement: random

Language: English

Box Title: Kamehameha School for Boys/ Alumnus/ MacKenzie, Tandy, Kaohuokaleponi, KSB 1911/Born Hana, Maui 3/10/1892/ Died 11/9/1963/World famous operatic tenor.

Bibliographic record: Kamehameha Schools Library Catalog. http://oahuvoyager.ksbe.edu

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