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James L. Carroll

Kamehameha School for Boys
Class of 1936

Kuahiwi Alapaki


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Brief Biographical Note: In 1934, James L. Carroll won the $25 prize for the best map of Kuahiwi Alapaki, the area at the top of the Kapalama ahupua'a. In 1936, he was a spare, one who might substitute for those already on the Equatorial Line Islands which over 50 Kamehameha School for Boys students and alumni helped colonize for the U.S.A. From 1940-45, he was a homicide detective with the Honolulu Police Department. From 1945-77, he joined Hawaii Medical Services Association (HMSA), a health insurance company and retired as vice-president of community relations. He currently (as of 2004) resides in Kailua, O'ahu, Hawai'i.


Contents: This collection includes a copy of the map of Kuahiwi Alapaki and a sketchbook of the mapping expedition. Included is a sketchbook journal of Carroll's adventures to the Equatorial Line Islands.

Provenance: James L. Carroll gave his papers to the Archives in the 1990s.

Bulk dates: 1934-1938

Location: Shelf 123

Size: .5 cubic feet

Arrangement: Random by topic

Language: English. Some Hawaiian words.

Box Title: Kamehameha Schools. Alumni. James L. Carroll, KSB 1936. Mapped Kuahiwi Alapaki Mauka KSG, Kapalama April 1934. Participant Line Islands Colonization Project, 1936. Illustrated ScrapBooks. Letters. 1936 Yearbook. Taped Interview.

Bibliographic record: Kamehameha Schools Library Catalog. http://kspolaris.ksbe.edu/polaris/




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