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Richard T. Berry

Kamehameha School for Boys

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Retrospective Exhibit, 1997 (pdf)

Brief Biographical Note: In a 1998-99 promotional from Berry: "Richard Berry has been involved in camping, hiking, mountain climbing and organizing tours since 1955 when he completed a series of community college courses in Bremerton, WA conducted by nationally known climbers including Jim Whitaker, the first American to reach the summit of Mt. Everest. Since then, he has founded and directed outdoor clubs in Bremerton, Honolulu (K.S.B.), Spain, England, and Norway. Highlights during these years included the jfords of Norway, the slopes of Mt. Fuji and the remote interior of Hokkaido, and 10,000 feet up the Matterhorn looking across to the Italian border. The longest trip he organized and directed was an 8-week, 5,000mile car and train trip through western and southern Europe for 3 students and two adults from England. He retired from teaching and social work in 1994 and since then has done some hiking in Hawaii and most of the summer and autumn months in the Cascades. Unfortunately due to a bad fall on April 1, 1997 in Honolulu in which his foot was broken, he has to go at a slower pace now."


Contents: This collection includes photographs from a 1997 retrospective exhibition at Kamehameha Schools, 3 videos and biographical information.

Provenance: The Archivist collected the contents.

Bulk dates: 1956-58, 1997

Location: Shelf 123

Size: .5 linear feet

Arrangement: Random

Language: English. Some Hawaiian words.

Box Title: Kamehameha Schools. Faculty. Richard T. Berry, 1956-1958.

Bibliographic record: Kamehameha Schools Library Catalog. http://kspolaris.ksbe.edu/polaris/


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