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Aarona, William Ithiel (Buck), KSB Class of 1919 (photographs, newspaper articles, clothing)
Aholo, Lydia Ka'onohiponiponiokalani, . KSG Class of 1897 (letter, photographs, biographical sources, Class of 1916 reunion program)


See Collection of 2005 Oral Histories
See Collection of 2006 Oral Histories

Berry, Richard T, KSB teacher, 1956-58.
Bishop, Charles Reed, Trustee and Founder of the KS Preparatory Department (assorted letters, documents)

Carroll, James L., KSB Class of 1936 (Kuahiwi Alapaki map, journals)
Cluney, Johanna Drew, ( featherwork, shell and seed lei, hats), an illustrated catalog with biographies
Collection of 2005 Oral Histories, May Bradley Cook, Samuel Chang, Jerry Eaton, Leslie Henry, George Lindsey, Nephi Needham, Ethel Whitford Almadova, Ku'ulei Seguieira Stender, Gussie Rankin Bento, Mary Ann Akana Bender, Elaine Ah Mai White, Adeline Kanai Bright, Gay Chan Lorch, Douglas Akau, Manny Ka'apana,Jr., Joseph Huddy, Wendell DeFreitas, Carol Ragonton Johnson, Vivian Fish Ahmad, Charlotte Apo, Ernette Bright, Carol Campbell Paulsen, Phyllis Miner Lonokapu, Ernette Tam Chandler, Lee Bowman Graham, Muriel Morgan Gehrman
Collection of 2006 Oral Histories. Violet Townsend Awai, Abigail Jane Bode Gomard, Ahoi and Harriette Simeona, Dorothy Mathias Awai, Helaine Lung Chock, Lurline Thomas Lee, Betsy Porter Park, Aloha Naipo Shimoda, Roselle Sam Soon, Thomas Hughes, Kiha Kinney, Robert Lee, Francis Pinho, Yvonne Reese Villoria, Ululani Perez Packett, Larry Rutkowski

Egg Laying Trophy, 1928

Farden, Bernard N., KSB Class of 1921 (trophy, 1922 KSB track and field photograph)
Farris, Mary, KS Home Economics teacher, 1966-1984 (1/4-size dresses and mu'umu'u, teaching materials)
Freshley, Mary Jo, Photographs. KSPD/KES P.E. teacher, 1961-93.

Handicraft, a monthly journal devoted to manual training (1889-1900)
Harris, Arthur, KSB Class of 1937 (carved wool rug, porcelain plates and tiles) an illustrated inventory

HOME ECONOMICS. See Farris, Mary.

Kamehameha Preparatory Department.
Photograph albums (photograph albums from McNeill Street, 1947-1950 and a Ray Jerome Baker album with images from 1826-1950 with some original prints)
Kelly, Jean Kuuleialoha,
KSG Class of 1952 (photographs, Hawaiian language news articles)
Kent, Colonel Harold Winfield, Kamehameha Schools President, 1946-62 (manuscripts, Hawaiian language notes, letters, books)

MacKenzie, Tandy Kaohuokaleponi, KSB Class of 1911. Famous operatic tenor in the first half of the Twentieth Century. Biography and illustrated inventory.
Midkiff, Frank E. Ph.D. Kamehameha Schools President, 1923-34. Trustee, 1939-1983 (Learning Center room of documents and artifacts)

Newton, Abbie H., Photograph albums. Kamehameha School for Girls Principal, 1915-1927

Oness, Randy,. KSB Class of 1930 (instruments, music, references, tapes)

Polynesian Voyaging Society Archives (paper, manuscripts, photographs, photo albums, slides, audio, video and film)


Thompson, Uldrick, Sr., Kamehameha School for Boys, Teacher and Principal 1889-1922.
Trophy, 1922 Half Mile Relay (1922 Championship Track and Field Team photograph with names)

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