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>> 1853-1863 in the Kingdom of Hawai‘i

1853. Charles Reed Bishop and partner William A. Aldrich open a general store called Aldrich and Bishop. Their building is located on the ewa-mauka corner of Queen and Ka‘ahumanu Streets. Whaling vessels are the source of most of the store's business.

1855 January 11. Kamehameha IV (Alexander Liholiho) begins his reign.

1855 June 13. Paki dies leaving Pauahi 5,780 acres of land and Haleakalā, the Honolulu two-story coral and frame home he built for Pauahi financed by the sale of Makaha (Valley) ahupua‘a.

1855 The Bishops make Haleakalā their primary residence and take care of Pauahi's aging mother, Konia, and Lili‘uokalani, Pauahi's hanai sister. Their kahu (retainers) reside in apartments on the property.

1856 February 8. In a letter, Bishop writes to Uncle William Brayton after receiving news about the death of his Aunt Althea. He discusses the price of local produce and other matters

1857 July 2. Konia dies. Pauahi inherits 10,231 acres for a total of 16, 043 from her parents. At age 25, she is one of the largest landowners in Hawai‘i.

1857. As members of the royal family, Mr. and Mrs. Bishop contribute to the first fund-raising effort for Queen Emma's hospital. The aboriginal Hawaiian people experience a 70% population decrease in Pauahi's 22 years of life from her birth in 1831 to 1853. The primary cause of death is foreign diseases like measles, mumps, small pox and cholera. Pauahi, Emma and other ali‘i nurse the sick throughout various epidemics.

1857 May 28. William Little Lee dies. He was Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, organized the court system and conducted his duties with integrity.

1858 August 17. The general store partnership of Aldrich and Bishop terminates as the whaling industry declines. They open Hawai'i's first bank, Bishop & Company (now First Hawaiian Bank). First day deposits by leading naturalized citizens are $7729, a demonstration of trust in Bishop as a person. The first loan for $4000 is to the predecessor of Theo H. Davies and Company.

1858 August 31. Bishop becomes a second and third degree member of Excelsior Lodge No. 1. (Odd Fellows)

1859 January 10. Bishop becomes a Privy Councilor. He continues to be appointed until 1892.

1859 October 3. Bishop becomes a Noble in the House of Nobles by appointment of King Kamehameha IV. The role of the House of Nobles varies with the Constitution.

1859-1875. Bishop is Treasurer of The Queen's Hospital Trustee group.

1860. Bishop becomes Secretary of Kawaiaha‘o Seminary also called Makiki Family School. This is a place for Hawaiian girls to learn English and domestic skills. It was also sponsored by the Board of Education and the Ladies' Benevolent Society.

1862 September. Lili‘uokalani and John Owen Dominis are married at Haleakala. Haleakala is the center of gracious Western and Hawaiian hospitality for 25 years.

1863 August 29. Keolaokalani, son of Princess Ruth and hānai son of Charles and Bernice Pauahi Bishop, dies. The parents profoundly grieve.

1863 November 30. Kamehameha V (Lot Kapuaiwa) begins his reign.

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