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1822 January 25. Charles Reed Bishop is born to Samuel and Maria Reed Bishop at Glens Falls, New York. His father is a collector of tolls. The family lives in the tollhouse on an island in the Hudson River.

1824 May 11. His brother, Henry Bostwick Bishop, is born. His mother becomes ill. Her sister, Lucy Jane Reed Blood, takes two-year old Charles to Fort Ann, New York to live with her awhile. His mother dies a few weeks later. Aunt Lucy keeps Charles for a few years, then sends him to live with his paternal grandfather, Jesse Bishop.

around 1826? Grandfather Bishop has a 123 acre farm, runs a foundry and blacksmith shop, and collects tolls on the Lake George-Warrensburgh, New York toll road. Charles assists him.

around 1834? Charles attends Glens Falls Academy for 7th and 8th grades, his only years of formal schooling. After leaving school, he becomes a clerk for Nelson J. Warren, the largest business in Warrensburgh, New York. He learns bartering, bookkeeping, taking inventory, maintenance and janitorial duties.

1837 Charles is familiar with changing industry trends as a 15 year old. He applies this knowledge at work to improve his employer's business.

1842 Charles works as a bookkeeper and head clerk for Charles Dewey in the Old Stone Store in Sandy Hill about 3 miles from Glens Falls. He meets William Little Lee whose sister Eliza married Charles' Uncle Linus Bishop. William Little Lee is also a brother-in-law of Charles Dewey.

1842 Charles Bishop becomes an expert in barter, and runs the post office, lumber yard and farm. He becomes a capable businessman and shrewd judge of character.

1846 William Little Lee, a Harvard Law School graduate, is practicing law in Troy, New York. He and Charles are good friends and hear the news about pioneering in the Oregon Territory. They decide to take an ocean trip westward to Oregon.

1846 February 27. Charles Reed Bishop and William Little Lee board the brigantine, Henry, in Newburyport, Massachusetts with 19 crew, men, women and children aboard.

1846 October 12. The ocean voyage takes 8 dangerous, storm-tossed months instead of the expected 4 months to sail around South America. The small brigantine limps into Honolulu harbor. Bishop and Lee decide to remain rather than continue to Oregon on the same boat.

Bishop and Lee quickly become acquainted with local leaders, especially Rev. Samuel C. Damon and Gorham D. Gilman (clerk at a retail store and friend of ali'i). Lee is offered work. He accepts only on the condition that work is also found for Bishop. Bishop's first job is to sort out the chaotic accounts of Ladd and Company for the Hawaiian Treasury Board.

He remains in touch with his New York relatives and continues to think about Oregon.

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