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1894 March 2. Charles Reed Bishop leaves Hawai'i for the last time.He becomes a resident of San Francisco.The Occidental Hotel is his home. He continues a firm involvement in the Kamehameha Schools. He is firmly opposed to the Provisional Government declared on July 4, 1894.

1894 October 8. Through his attorney-in-fact Samuel Mills Damon, Charles Reed Bishop Deed No. 6 gives to the trustees under the will of Bernice Pauahi Bishop for the benefit of the Kamehameha Schools his Aikupika premises, and his title interests between Hotel Street and King Street in Honolulu. (GIFT)

1894 October 9. Bishop is elected Vice President and Director of the Bank of California. He attends director's meetings until 2 weeks before his death.

1895 February 14. Charles Reed Bishop Deed No. 7 gives to the trustees under the will of Bernice Pauahi Bishop for the benefit of the Kamehameha Schools the tract of land between Emma and Fort Streets known as the "ili of Kaakapua." (GIFT)

1895 March 14. Charles Reed Bishop Deed No. 8 gives to the trustees under the will of Bernice Pauahi BIshop for the benefit of the Kamehameha Schools 6 various properties. (GIFT)

1895 June 1. Samuel Damon buys out Bishop's share in Bishop & Company for an initial $900,000 and fourteen other subsequent payments of varying amounts. All proceeds are placed in the Charles R. Bishop Trust.

1895 August 1. The Charles R. Bishop Trust gives monetary gifts to many individuals, charities and institutions including the Kamehameha Schools. (GIFT)

1895-1908. Charles R. Bishop Trust donates about $15,250 to the Makawao Female Seminary and Maunaolu Seminary on Maui. This is a school for Hawaiian girls that enjoyed an excellent educational reputation often compared to exclusive East Coast women's colleges. (GIFT)

1895-1900. Charles R. Bishop Trust donates to the Kapi‘olani Maternity Home of the Ho‘olu Lahui Society where Hawaiian women can receive proper maternity care and treatment. (GIFT)

1896. Annual contributions are made to Mills Institute for Chinese boys founded by the son of Samuel Mills Damon, Francis Williams Damon and his wife. (GIFT)

1896. Bishop purchases the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions collection of Hawaiian curiosities for the Bishop museum. (GIFT)

1896 October 13. The Deed of Trust for the Bernice P. Bishop Museum envisions a world-class museum. The museum will have a separate trust for financial support, but the trustees of Kamehameha Schools are the preferred trustees for the museum. (GIFT)

1896 November 7. In a letter to Hyde, he states that lands should not be sold, but rather be leased for just and fair rent "as one can with good conscience insist on prompt and full payment..."

1896 December 1. The Bernice P. Bishop Museum Deed No. 1 gives various properties primarily in Honolulu for its support. (GIFT)

1897 January 25. The Bernice P. Bishop Museum Deed No. 2 gives further land and buildings for its support. (GIFT)

1897 January 25. Charles Reed Bishop Deed No. 9 gives to the trustees under the will of Bernice Pauahi Bishop his life estate in properties in Waialae and the ahupua'a of Waialae-nui with other terms. (GIFT)

1897 May 15. The Bernice P. Bishop Museum Deed No. 3 leases land for 99 years to the Queen's Hospital. (GIFT)

1897 July 24. The Charles R. Bishop Deed of Trust Amendment No. 1 changes terms of promissory notes and gives monetary gifts to various individuals, charities and institutions. (GIFTS)

1897 October 13. Bishop resigns as Trustee of the Estate of Mrs. Bernice Pauahi Bishop because he believes that all trustees of her estate should be residents of Honolulu and he was a permanent resident of San Francisco.

1897 December 14. The Charles R. Bishop Deed of Trust Amendment No. 2 concerns Samuel Mills Damon.

1897 December 19. The Bernice P. Bishop Memorial Chapel is dedicated. (The Farrington High School auditorium presently occupies the former site of the Chapel.)

1897. Bishop is among the original donors to the Leahi Hospital variously called Victoria Hospital, Honolulu Home for Incurables, and Leahi Home. (GIFTS)

1897. Samuel M. Damon's installment payments of $150,000 for the purchase of Bishop & Company is due. Mr. Damon has difficulty raising cash. Bishop suggests that the Trustees of his trust accept O‘ahu Railway and Land Company (a Dillingham company) bonds as security.

1898 July 5. Bishop forwards funds to Queen Lili'uokalani for her homeward voyage and arranges tickets and schedules. He gives up all connections with Bishop & Company although installment payments from Damon into his Trust continue after his death.

1898 August. Damon suggests leasing Bishop Estate land at Kawailoa to the O‘ahu Railway. Bishop says that the offer to B.F. Dillingham seems "wise and just especially for large tracts and long time."

1899 March 30. Ka'iulani Cleghorn dies at age 24. Bishop writes a letter of deep sympathy to her father, Archibald Cleghorn. He expresses his own grief, strong attachment and past interest in her welfare and happiness.She was the hope for a new generation of ali'i of high rank. He gave her his wife's jewels, a few of which she wore. They would be placed in the Bishop Museum at Bishop's request.

1899 August 22. In a letter to Trustee Joseph O. Carter, Bishop mentions his health and discusses the importance of character in students.

1900 May 24. In a letter to Trustee Joseph O. Carter, Bishop gives his views on the buying and selling of estate property and politics.

1900 November 2. The Bernice P. Bishop Museum Deed No. 4 give notes, mortgages and stock to the Bishop Museum. (GIFT)

1900 November 8. In a letter to Trustee Joseph O. Carter, Bishop advises about Ka'iulani Home and the importance of keeping out of debt.

1901. Bishop donates $5000 for six scholarships to Hawaiian boys and girls to attend Punahou Preparatory School that moved to the O'ahu College location. (GIFT)

1901 February 20 . In a letter to Trustee Samuel M. Damon, Bishop reiterates Kamehameha Schools admission preference to Hawaiians of aboriginal blood.

1902 May 9. In a letter to Trustee Joseph O. Carter, Bishop comments about various matters including the conviction that people should provide and care for their own children and themselves.

1904. Bishop pays for the education of cousins Raymond, E. Faxon, and Charles Reed Bishop (his namesake) to Hitchcock Military Academy at San Rafael, California. ((GIFTS)

1904 November 22. The Charles R. Bishop Deed of Trust Amendment No. 3 instructs the giving of monetary gifts to various individuals, charities and institutions. (GIFTS)

1905 March 22. The Charles R. Bishop Trust repairs and improves the Bishop Home at Kalaupapa, Moloka'i .(GIFT)

1905 December 15. The Ka‘iulani Home for Girls is chartered. Ida Pope, Principal of Kamehameha School for Girls, convinces Bishop of the need for living quarters for Kamehameha School for Girls graduates who have transitioned into the workforce. It is open to all Hawaiian girls and is funded by the Ka'iulani Trust established by Bishop. (GIFT)

1906 April 18. The San Francisco earthquake causes fire from ruptured gas lines to incinerate the city. Bishop loses his wife's entire correspondence, photographs and personal papers. All of his own meticulous, handwritten journals are destroyed. His reports and collections about the Bishop Museum are lost. He expresses great despair.

1907. Charles R. Bishop Trust makes regular donations to Mid-Pacific Institute, created from the merger of Mills Institute and Kawaiaha'o Seminary. One estimate is that his trust donated over $250,000 to these schools during his lifetime. (GIFTS)

1908. Bishop donates to the Kauikeolani Children's Hospital that opens in 1909. (GIFT)

1908. Memoirs of Bernice Pauahi Bishop by Mary H. Krout is Bishop's attempt to retell the life of Bernice Pauahi BIshop after all of her papers are destroyed in the San Francisco earthquake and fire.

1908 April 22. This is the last letter in the collection of letters to Trustee Joseph O. Carter beginning March 17, 1894 soon after he leaves Hawaii to make San Francisco his permanent home.

1909. Bishop's eyesight dims. He writes of aches and pains.He is often seen in a wheelchair.

1910 April 6. In a letter to the Trustees under the will of Bernice Pauahi Bishop, Bishop defends his wife's wishes and will. He reiterates Hawaiian preference for admissions. WIth the benefit of hindsight, he examines the creation, management and response to the Schools.

1910 April 8. The Charles R. Bishop Deed of Trust Amendment No. 4 changes various articles.

1910. Bishop again reports that he desires the Schools to be established as soon as possible and uses his income from the Estate to build Bishop Hall, the Preparatory Department, part of the School for Girls and the Chapel. (GIFTS)

1910. Bishop is made an honorary member of the Hawaiian Mission Children's Society.

1910. He purchases the El Granada apartments in Berkeley, California that he has lived in since moving from San Francisco after the fire in 1906. He deeds it to niece Emma Bernice Bishop Dunham. He moves to the Shattuck Hotel in Berkeley.

1911 October 9. In a letter to Trustee Samuel M. Damon, Bishop discusses how he and Mrs. Bishop decided that the lands of the Kamehamehas should be used for the education of Hawaiians.

1912 January 25. Bishop celebrates his ninetieth birthday at the El Granada Hotel in Berkeley with friends and relatives. In Honolulu, a grand celebration is held at the roof garden of the Alexander Young Hotel (the former site of Haleakala, the Bishops' home). Speeches are given and a tribute (pdf) is printed. Hawaii schools hold their own celebrations. Bishop sends thank you letters.

1912. In correspondence with Annie Walker Bishop, wife of cousin, E. Faxon Bishop, he tells her that he considers Honolulu his only real home since boyhood.

1914 June 27. The Charles R. Bishop Deed of Trust Amendment No. 5 gives Samuel Mills Damon time extensions for the payment of promissory notes.

1914 September 4. The Charles R. Bishop Deed of Trust Amendment No. 6 directs his trustees to maintain a principal balance of no less that $500,000 and gives instructions about the excess.

1914 October 5. The Charles R. Bishop Deed of Trust Amendment No. 7 gives futher instructions especially for the care and maintenance of the Bernice P. Bishop Museum. (GIFT)

1915 June 7. Bishop is ill for a week. Cousin Raymond Hulbert Bishop is at BIshop's side when he dies. He reports that Bishop quietly said to him, "I guess I'd better go. Goodbye."

1915. The Kamehameha Tomb is opened and Bishop's ashes are interred beside his wife.

1916. A tombstone erected in 1916 is enscribed: "Builder of the State, Friend of Youth, Benefactor of Hawai'i." His ashes rest in the Tomb of the Kamehamehas."

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