Ka Waihona Palapala Kahiko O Nā Kula ʻO Kamehameha ma Kapālama      



2003-2004 Highlights

2003 January


PAUL PREVENAS, Ph.D.  is Maui campus elementary principal.
  1. Superintendent of the Brookings-Harbor School District, Oregon

  2. Bachelor’s and Master’s in elementary education from Northern Illinois U.

  3. Doctorate, U. of Wisconsin

IMUA, December 2003


HAMILTON MCCUBBIN, KSB 1959, becomes Chancellor of Kamehameha Schools in addition to his current CEO  responsibilities. 

Positions are created for two new education deans and a Vice President of Communications and Community Relations.

IMUA, Sprin 2003


Ho’olako Like provides financial support to charter schools in Hawai’i serving Hawaiian students. IMUA, Sprin 2003

MICHAEL P. LOO is Vice President for Finance and Administration replacing ERIC YEAMAN.
  1. VP, controller, treasurer, Hawaiian Airlines

  2. Sr. Manager KPMG, LLP

  3. B.B.A.    U. of Oregon in accounting                            IMUA, Summer 2003

PUA FERNANDEZ-AKAMINE KSK 1978 is the Director of Admissions replacing the retired WAYNE CHANG KSK 1969.

IMUA, Summer 2003


RAYNARD C. SOON is Vice President for Communications and Community Relations.

  1. State DHHL head

  2. A founder of the Council on Native Hawaiian Advancement

  3. Queen Lili’uokalani Children’s Center Advorty Council

  4. Kalani High School

  5. Bachelor’s  U.H. Månoa, architecture

  6. Master’s Harvard U, urban planning

IMUA, December 2003


A condemnation lawsuit of leased-fee interest on behalf of  31 Kāhala Beach Apartments condo units is based on the December 2002 City Council hearing.  Kamehameha Schools actively protests with other trusts and landowners at City Council hearings and supports legislation to protect charitable trusts.  IMUA, Spring 2003

Kū i ka Pono, Stand up for Justice  Over 10,000 people  march through Waikīkī to demonstrate unity in the face of challenges to Native Hawaiian programs and services. ʻIlioʻulaokalani Coalition organizes the event. IMUA, December 2003

COLLEEN WONG, KSK 1975 and legal division attorney,  is Acting CEO replacing HAMILTON MCCUBBIN, KSB 1959, who resigns as Chancellor and CEO over misconduct allegations. 
CONSTANCE LAU is Trustee for a new 5 year term after completing her 3 year Probate Court appointed term that began in 2000.

  1. IMUA, December 2003

PONO MA’A, KSK 1982, is Kapålama campus admissions manager.
  1. Bachelor’s, UH Månoa

  2. Head coach, KS varsity boys volleyball

  3. Kindergarten test administrator

  4. Dorm advisor, Boarding Department

IMUA, December 2003


June 2003Doe v. Kamehameha Schools lawsuit is  filed.

August 2003. Mohica-Cummings v. Kamehameha Schools lawsuit is filed. Both challenge the Hawaiian preference admissions policy.

  1. IMUA, December 2003

2003 June, August

2003  September


  1. Kaho’olawe returns to State control from the Federal government.

  2. A controlled burn in Makua Valley destroys more than 2000 acres, over half the valley.  

  3. President George W. Bush visits for one day.

  4. The Korean Centennial celebrations begins.

  5. Michelle Wie, a 13 year old Punahou School student, wins the U.S. Women’s Amateur Public links Championship.

  6. The Year of the Hawaiian Forest is declared by the State legislature.

  7. A U.S. led coalition invades Iraq in Operation Iraqi Freedom.  Dictator Saddam Hussein is deposed.

  8. Seven astronauts are killed during re-entry into Earth’s atmosphere aboard the space shuttle, Columbia.


DEE JAY MAILER, KSK 1970, is the second CEO of Kamehameha Schools.
  1. COO, Global Fund to fight Aids, Tuberculosis and Malaria, Switzerland

  2. CEO Kaiser Permanente Hawai’i

  3. Sr. VP, CAO, COO, Health Net Inc.

  4. Executive MBA 1985, UH Månoa

  5. B.S. Nursing, U.H. Månoa

IMUA, April 2004


Kaho’iwai, a collaborative program between the UH College of Education and Kamehameha Schools,  trains Native Hawaiian teachers to teach native Hawaiian children. IMUA, April 2004

Hawai’i campus teachers led by IPOLANI AK
AO WRIGHT, KSK 1966, take their seventh graders for a day at Kahuwai Village, a KS cultural and educational ahupua’a  undisturbed for almost a century.  KEONE KALAWE is the Village caretaker hired through Kamehameha’s ‘Åina Ulu program.

IMUA, April 2004


The Extension Education Division Enrichment department has summer Hoʻolauna (to introduce) programs in Kona, Kauaʻi and Molokaʻi.

IMUA, September 2004

HOLUA STENDER is Principal of Kapālama Elementary School (KES) replacing KAHELE KUKEA, KSB 1963,  who retired after 33 years of service.
  1. Vice Principal of KES

  2. Kumu, social studies

  3. Head, Performing Arts department

  4. M.Ed. U. of Colorado in educational administration

  5. St. Louis high school, Honolulu

RONELLE “Ronnie” KAANAPU KOPP, KSK 1975, is Vice-Principal of KES replacing HOLUA STENDER.
  1. Kumu, K and 4th at KES

  2. M.A. Nova Southeastern U.

  3. Bachelorʻs U. of the Pacific

IMUA, September 2004

WARREN HITZ, Ph.D.  is KS Maui high school principal replacing MITCHELL KALAULI, KSB 1958, who retired for health reasons.
  1. Teacher, administrator, Milton Hershey School, Pennsylvania

  2. Ph.D. Penn State in agricultural and extension education

  3. M.Ed. Temple University

PHIL AGANUS, KSK 1990, is Hawaiʻi high school Vice-Principal.
  1. Born and raised in Honokaʻa

  2. Teacher , Hilo High

  3. Acting assistant athletic director, Hilo High

  4. Masters, U. of California Long Beach

  5. Bachelors, U. of Hawaiʻi

IMUA, September 2004



  1. George W. Bush wins a controversial second term as President of the United States of America

  2. Researchers work to diversify Hawaiʻiʻs agriculture

  3. Cocqui frogs spread across Maui from the Big Island

November 14, 2003

The interactive website for the Hawaiian Cultural Center Project called Kaʻiwakīloumoku is published at www.kaiwakiloumoku.ksbe.edu


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Maui campus has their first Ho’olaulea that previously was the annual Community Open House to welcome the community to campus.

IMUA, Kupulalu  2008