Ka Waihona Palapala Kahiko O Nā Kula ʻO Kamehameha ma Kapālama      



2000-2002 Highlights

2000 February 1

Kamehameha Schools is reorganized.  A new Executive Management Team is formed.  HAMILTON I. MCCUBBIN, Ph.D. and a KSB 1959 graduate is hired as the Chief Executive Officer of Kamehameha Schools. 


Strategic Planning Enhancement Group (SPEG) is coordinated by JUDY LAYFIELD and CHARLENE HOE. They support  Proposal Development Teams (PDT) as follows:
  1. 1.Resource Centers to be established locally and nationally in areas not receiving direct programs and services from Kamehameha Schools.

  2. 2.Literacy Emphasis--create a support clearinghouse

  3. 3.KS/Department of Education Alliance--DOE partnership in communities not served by Kamehameha School.

  4. 4.Support and Incubate C\harter Schools

  5. 5.Alliance for Distance Learning

  6. 6.KS Career Options

  7. 7.KS/DOE Special Needs Alliance

  8. 8.KS/University of Hawai’i Alliance to Improve the Quality of Education for Hawaiian Communities

  9. 9.Education and Stewardship Connection--courses and sound stewardship practices using the cultural and environmental resources on KS lands

IMUA, Spring 2001


New education management team members

DUDLEY “SKIP” HARE, Ed. D.   KS Chief Education Officer

  1. Westchester, New York Coalition Executive Director

  2. B.A. Washington & Lee University in Lexington, Va.

  3. M.Ed. in elementary education, City University of New York

  4. Ed.D. in Education Administration,  Columbia University


  1. Head of School, University Lake School in Wisconsin

  2. Teacher and Dean of Scholastic Affairs, Milton Hershey School

  3. B.A. Elizabethtown College, Pennsylvania

  4. M.Ed. and Ed.D. Pennsylvania State University

STAN FORTUNA JR., Ed.D.  KS Hawaiʻi Poʻo Kula

  1. Superintendent for Oakridge Public Schools, Michigan

  2. B.A. Aquinas College

  3. M.Ed. and Ed.D. Western Michigan University

  4. MBA University of Chicago

IMUA, Summer 2001


New Division heads

JUVENNA CHANG Ed.D.,  KSG 1960, Dean of Extension Education

  1. Associate director, Community Education and Extension Education Division

  2. M.Ed. in elementary education, Boston University

  3. M.E.d and Ed.D. in education administration, U. of Hawaiʻi

GERALD MORIHARA, Chief Administrative Officer

  1. Dean of UHM College of Continuing Education

  2. Lt. Col. U.S. Air Force Reserve

  3. B.B.A. and M.B.A.

Will oversee Information Technology, Human REsources, Facilities Development and Records Management divisions.

IMUA, Fall 2001


2001  October 23

EXTENDING THE REACH.   Phase II of the Strategic Implementation Plan mandates Kamehameha Schools to expand...to reach as many Hawaiians as possible.

IMUA, Winter 2001 page 8



  1. Tropical storm Paul leads to flooding and high precipitation throughout the islands but especially on the Big Island.

  2. Mad cow disease alarms Europe.

  3. U.S.S. Cole is attacked by Yemen terrorists.

  4. The Internet stock boom ends.

  5. U.S. presidential election  outcome is directed by the U.S. Supreme Court. George W. Bush is the victor.


  1. U.S.S. Greenville submarine surfacing exercise kills 9 on a Japanese fishing vessel in Hawai’i.

  2. Dengue fever is reported in Hawai’i.

  3. Hawai’i public school teacher strike closes schools.

  4. Irmgard Aluli, beloved prolific songwriter and singer, dies.

  5. U.S. spy plane and Chinese jet collide.

  6. President Bush signs a new tax-cut law, the largest in 20 years. Budget surplus dwindles.

  7. October 11.  Al-Qaeda terrorists led by Osama Bin Laden attack the World Trade Center in NYC and the Pentagon in Washington D.C.

CEO Board of Advisors.  33 KS and community leaders chosen by the Board of Trustees are to advise him on critical issues, foster development and partnerships and promoted Kamehameha’s mission.

IMUA, Spring 2002, p. 6.


  1. Linda Lingle is elected Republican governor of Hawai’i.

  2. Gary Rodrigues, powerful labor union leader, is convicted of 101 federal charges.

  3. AMFAC, a Big Five company, files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

  4. Hanauma Bay education center opens

  5. Disney’s animated film Lilo and Stich opens. 

From the 2000 Census:

  1. 401,162 Hawaiians live in the continental U.S.A. 

  2. 1,878 live in Alaska. 

  3. 239,655 live in Hawaii

IMUA, Spring 2002, p. 12.

SB 262 allows nonprofits to collaborate with the DOE to manage public schools.

SB 2283 defines Act 77, Session Laws of Hawai’i 1997 to create policies and strategies for measuring results and performance of school readiness to strengthen Hawai’i’s early childhood system.

IMUA, Spring 2002, p. 4.

Pauahi Keiki Scholars (PKS) is a new scholarship program encouraging Hawaiian parents to enroll their children in preschool. IMUA, September 2002

KIRK O. BELSBY is  Chief Investment Officer (January 6, 2003)

  1. Arthur Anderson LLP western regional managing partner for real estate consulting

IMUA, December 2002

JULIAN AKO, KSB 1961, is Senior Administrator for K-12  educational philosophy, standards, curriculum, assessment and staff develop-ment for all 3 campuses.

IMUA, December 2002


2002 May 9

MITCHELL KALAULI KSB 1958 is the first new principal of KSM high school.
  1. Superintendent of the Grey Hills Academy , Arizona

  2. B.A. and M.Ed., Brigham Young U.

IMUA, September 2002

NINIA ALDRICH is the first principal of KSH high school
  1. V.Principal KSK

IMUA, September 2002

LURYIER “POP” DIAMOND, KSK official photographer  from 1953 to 1983 and photo archivist from 1983-2011 is honored.
  1. Images of Aloha:  Photography by Luryier “Pop” Diamond is published.

  2. 50 years of service to Kamehameha Schools is celebrated

  3. Ke Aliʻi Pauahi medal was awarded in 1996 for valuable service.

  4. Luryier “Pop” Diamond Photography Scholarship Fund is announced.

This school has been my family for the last 50 years and Iʻve just loved it.


HUI PANALĀʻAU survivors are honored by and exhibit at the Bishop Museum and at Midkiff Learning Center Kapālama in December.  Attending are KENNETH BELL KSB 1935, JAMES and CARROLL KSB 1936.  From the Class of 1937 are ARTHUR HARRIS,  GEORGE KAHANU, AND SAMUEL KALAMA.

L CHUN, Ph.D. and a KSB 1961 graduate remains as President.

NATHAN T.K. AIPA is Chief Operating Officer (COO) and WENDELL F. BROOKS is Chief Investment Officer (CIO).  IMUA, Spring 2000

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