Ka Waihona Palapala Kahiko O Nā Kula ʻO Kamehameha ma Kapālama      



1980-1989 Highlights


  1. The population of Hawai’i is 965,000.  20% are Hawaiian and part-Hawaiian.

  1. Large industries are tourism ($3.2 billion), U.S. military ($1.4 billion), sugar ($328 million), and pineapple ($218 million).


The Kapālama Master Plan recommends:

  1. 1)campus reorganization,  2)  a new dining hall;  3)  a new performing arts complex;  4) an industrial education building and 5) an early education research complex.

KEEP, the Kamehameha Elementary Education Program, is used by six DOE public schools reaching 1700 students. It is renamed the Kamehameha Educational Research Institute (KERI). KERI includes preschool programs.

A 50 Year Club for Kamehameha Schools employees honors




and ALLEN BAILEY (1931).

1981  July

Kamehameha Schools Alumni Association is reorganized into Chapters.

1981  December 19

The 150th anniversary of the birth of BERNICE PAUAHI BISHOP is celebrated with ceremony, song and a trustee approved increase of $150,000 to a scholarship fund.

donate an 1824 portrait of LILIHA and BOKI painted in London by artist, John Hayter. A significant donation, this is the only known likeness of ali’i in their homeland regalia. Copies are found in many major art museums often reversed with Liliha to the right. http://www2.ksbe.edu/ihac/ArtView.aspx?ArtID=223


  1. High levels of heptachlor, a persistent organic insecticide used to control ants in pineapple cultivation, contaminates Hawai’i’s local fresh milk supply.

  1. Hawaiian Renaissance by GEORGE S. KANAHELE, KSB 1948,  is a compilation of 3 lectures given from 1977-1981. 


“The other event which ended our regular school year on a timely note was the dedication of the 58-foot koa canoe, “Makani Hou O Keauhou,” which took place over the Kamehameha Day weekend at Helu Moa Beach.  The canoe, beautifully designed and built by WRIGHT BOWMAN, JR., is a symbol of Hawaiian skills, talents and creativeness. “ Extension Education Program, Hawaiian Studies Institue, Annual Report, 1981-1982. It now rests in Midkiff Learning Center.  FRED CACHOLA, Director, helped obtain the koa from Keauhou, Hawai’i.

Kamehameha Schools agrees to operate four DOE pre-schools scheduled for closure in Anahola, Kaua’i, Waihe’e, Maui, Nānāikapono, O’ahu and Nānākuli, O’ahu.

1980 March 15

Kamehameha Schools Extension Education Ocean Marine  program supports the voyage of the Hōkūleʻa to Tahiti.  GORDON PI’IANAI’A, KSB 1958, is a crew member. Annual Report, 1979-1980

1982 February

The Native Hawaiian Educational Assessment Project (NHEAP) study is completed. It was instituted by the U.S. Senate Appropriations Committee, sponsored by the U.S. Department of Education and conducted by KSBE which paid for all costs.  The most thorough report outlines the educational needs of Hawaiian children, it provides a baseline measurement for future projects.

1983  January



Kamehameha Schools opens the Center for Development of Early Education (CDEE), an early education research center.

1983 August 7

TRUSTEE FRANK E. MIDKIFF dies. He is the longest serving Trustee with  44 years of service.

1984  May 4

HENRY PETERS, a member of the Hawai’i State House of Representatives, becomes a Trustee. Photo credit: Honolulu Star-Bulletin, 2006.

1984 August 4

When BEATRICE PARRENT dies, the estate of Beatrice and husband Charles bequeaths $1 million to Kamehameha Schools. The unexpected gift is the largest from a single donor.  CHARLES PARRENT was a teacher and administrator from 1926 to 1946.

1984 October 1

Ulupono Preschool, a Kamehameha Schools preschool for 20 students,  opens near the Main Gate to the main Kapālama campus.

1985 February 13

The renovated auditorium is dedicated as the Ruth Ke’elikolani Performing Arts Center.


•  TRUSTEE MYRON THOMPSON and support staff  apply for and receive $15 million in federal funds for native Hawaiian educational programs in school counseling, library services and vocational education.

•  Extension Education Division expands to five locations  in East and West Hawai’i, Maui, Moloka’i and Kaua’i.

1985 April 12

Keauhou Shopping Village  opens. It is a project of Kamehameha Investment Corporation, a wholly -owned for-profit subsidiary of Bishop Holdings Corporation. Photo credit:  kona123.com
‘Akahi Dining Hall complex is dedicated. Three stories, it includes the 850 seat dining hall, a faculty lunch room, kitchen facilities, loading dock, school store and student activities center.



1985 August

A school service program becomes a part of the curriculum for all sophomores and juniors.  Students work one period per quarter in School offices, class, or dining hall on a pass/fail basis.

PAUAHI is profiled on the CBS TV series “An American Portrait” narrated by actor Robert Wagner.  Kamehameha Schools Public Affairs Department worked with CBS.

1985 December

ANDREW VLIET, KSK 1982. becomes a Rhodes Scholar and studies at Oxford University in the Fall.


The admissions policy provokes controversy.  Elementary school students are admitted at random, but must take an examination to continue to the 7th grade competing  with many other applicants. Some Kamehameha Schools 6th graders are denied admission to 7th grade sparking heated discussion.

Centennial Year Events
January 1986 to December 19, 1987

1986 January
While Centennial events were celebrated beginning in 1983, a  calendar of scheduled events begins on January 1986 and ends on December 19, 1987. NEIL J. HANNAHS, KSK 1969, is chairman of the Centennial  Steering Committee.  Centennial_Events.html


MICHAEL CHUN Ph.D., KSB 1961, is President of Kamehameha Schools. He is the first alumnus to be President and the last President of the Schools. In 2000, the Kamehameha Schools becomes a non-profit corporation managed by a CEO.  Dr. Chun becomes Headmaster of the Kapālama campus with the title “President and Headmaster of Kamehameha Schools.”  HAMILTON MCCUBBIN, KSB 1959, becomes CEO.   Dr Chun’s wife is BINA MOSSMAN Chun, KSG 1963. Their daughter is KAILI, KSK 1980.
  1. OSIRIS computer report card system is used in the high school.

  2. An Early Admission program is used to admit applicants with a composite score of 23 or higher.

  3. The student population is 3230 with 430 boarders primarily from the Neighbor Islands.

  4. The Center of Development of Early Education shifts its emphasis from research to direct service.

  5. Community outreach and relationships  is a hallmark of Dr. Chun’s work.


1984 May 30

The U.S. Supreme Court upholds the constitutionality of the Hawaii Land Reform Act and the ability of the State to condemn land for public use. A land based trust, the Bishop Estate is forced to sell its residential leasehold properties.

1985 June

Trustee MATSUO TAKABUKI leads Bishop Estate to invest in limited partnerships outside Hawai'i that will significantly increase the endowment of the Kamehameha Schools.

1985 October

•  The Bishop Estate's first legal department is headed by NATHAN AIPA.

February 15.  Midkiff Learning Center with Head Librarian GAIL FUJIMOTO goes online with the University of Hawai’i at Mānoa.

February 20.  ABC program “ Good Morning America” films the classrooms of LAURA DUFFY, RANDIE FONG, KSK 1978, CHARLENE HOE, MARK MIDDLETON and SARAH QUICK.

March 15. Ten legislative bills focus on leasehold to fee and related issues are stopped in committee.  

March 26.  DR. DONALD DEAN KILOLANI MITCHELL, KS teacher, author, historian for nearly 60 years, dies.  FRED CACHOLA, KSB 1953, Extension Education Director called him a true kupuna

April 14.  PEP Associate Director CHRIS MELAHN is KS Adult Education “Teacher of the Year.”  Basketball coach JIM WINCHESTER is “Coach of the Year.” In May, ROY BASS is “Economics Teacher of the Year.”

April 28.  “Three Viewpoints on Hawaiian Sovereignty” is moderated by CAROLYN ABAD, KSK 1982, during Ho’olaule’a. Speakers are Louis Ha’o, MILILANI TRASK, KSK, 1969, and LILIKALĀ KAME’ELEIHIWA, KSK 1970.

August 1.  The Education Group is reorganized.

September 15.  KSBE administers a U. S. Department of Education grant for $1,482,000 during the school year called the Native Hawaiian Higher Education Demonstration Program (NHHEDP).

October 13.  Barcoded ID cards used at ‘Akahi are part of a federal food subsidy program requiring students to eat from 3 out of the 5 basic food groups.

November 8-December 18.  Former art teacher, LOUIS POHL, exhibits his work at Midkiff Learning Center.

November 11.  Ho’olaule’a is held on the KES campus.

December 15.   OSWALD STENDER, KSB 1950, is appointed Trustee

The former Campbell Estate CEO disagrees with Bishop Estate

Trustee business practices to no avail.

ROWENA BLAISDELL, KSG 1962, becomes Program Services DIrector. 



•   Fred Hemings creates the Triple Crown of Surfing

•   State of Hawai’i bulldozes Hale Mohale, the Hansen’s disease facility.

  1.   Del Monte closes its pineapple cannery and lays off field workers.

  2. Dillingham Corporation is sold to an outside investor group. AMFAC moves to San Francisco.

  3. Credit:  hawaiihistory.org.


  1. Hawai’i Land Reform Act passes.

  2. When organized crime leader Henry Huihui and killer Ronald Ching testify murder cases are solved.

  3. Theo H. Davies sells Hamakua Sugar

  4. AMFAC’s Puna Sugar Company closes.

  5. Mauna Loa and Kilauea erupt

  6. Union Carbide plant leaks toxic chemicals in India.

Credit:  hawaiihistory.org


  1. Protest of Waimanalo Beach Park eviction results in the return of the lands to the Department of Hawaiian Homes

  2. . Ronald Rewald, a big monied scam artist, is imp;risoned.

  3. Hawai’i’s first test tube baby is born.

  4. Hokule’a embarks on a two year “Voyage of Rediscovery” taking it as far as New Zealand.

Credit:  hawaiihistory.org


  1. State Water Code allocates water to landholders following the closing of plantation irrigation systems.

  2. Dillingham Corporation is sold to Shimizu Construction Corporation

  3. AMFAC sells all mainland businesses to focus on Hawai’i.

  4. Ho’olako, the Year of the Hawaiian, is declared.

Credit:  hawaii history.org


  1. School /Community based management (SCBM) allows local schools to manage their own affairs.

  2. Nine are sucked out of a damaged UAL airplane shortly after leaving Honolulu.

  3. Hawai’i unemployment is 1.8%, an all time low.

  4. Hawaiian Airlines gives control to a mainland investment group.

  5. The Japanese real estate bubble bursts and prices plunge.

  6. Huge ‘iwi remains force Maui Ritz-Carlton to relocate.

  7. The Moana Hotel reopens as a National Historic landmark.

  8. The Berlin Wall falls.

  9. The damaged Exon Valdez spills oil in Alaska.

  10. The Chinese government kills protestors in Tiananmen Square.

Credit:  hawaiihistory.org

April 3, 1988

The new Bishop Memorial Chapel is dedicated at Kapālama.


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