Ka Waihona Palapala Kahiko O Nā Kula ʻO Kamehameha ma Kapālama      



1950-1959 Highlights




  1. The population of Hawai’i is 500,000.  17% of the population is pure and part-Hawaiian and 70% live on O’ahu.

•50,000 tourists visit Hawai’i annually.

U.S. PRESIDENT HARRY TRUMAN visits Hawai’i, chats with KS PRESIDENT HAROLD KENT and discusses the KSB vocational program and provisions for the Schools in Pauahi’s Will. 

            1950 June

The Korean War (June 1950-July 1953)  brings more military personnel to the islands.

1951 August 1

Kamehameha School for Boys is designated a Military Institute by the U.S. War Department

1951 November 10

An airplane hanger  purchased from Hawaiian Air Transport Service is installed on Malalo Field as Kekuhaupi’o Fieldhouse. When a new gym is constructed, it is sold to St. Louis High School for  their fieldhouse.

During the Korean War, numerous Kamehameha School for Boys alumni are drafted and serve well because of their J.R.O.T.C. training.


1952  March 24

Staff service awards program begins.  A certificate, pins and an award dinner is given to honorees.

1952 September 2

KUMU DR. DONALD KILOLANI MITCHELL heads the Bishop Museum Workshop for students working there.


1953 October 6

Hawai’i’s first FM station, KVOK, is located in Konia Room 108 and 109. “The Voice of Kamehameha” broadcasts weekly. Electrical shop Boys wire the radio station. GOVERNOR SAMUEL WILDER KING is the Dedication speaker.

1955 September 21

THE PRINCESS BERNICE PAUAHI building at 519 Halekauwila is where estate business is conducted until 1979 when Kawaiaha’o Plaza is purchased.



1955 September 25

THE CHARLES REED BISHOP campus of the Preparatory Department is dedicated at Kapālama. The Department moves from McNeil Street in Kalihi.


1955 December 15

Ke Ali’i Pauahi, a magazine for alumni and parents, is published until October 1969.


Kamehameha School for Girls boarders may not leave campus except for school outings or holiday breaks.


The KE ALI’I PAUAHI Award for distinguished service to Kamehameha Schools is given during commencement  exercises.



•10,000 families are living on Hawaiian Homestead lands.

•Waikīkī Shell opens.

CHARLES M. COOKE home in Nu’uanu is purchased to board an additional 46 Girls until campus facilities can be built. Photo credit:  Ku Kilakila ‘O Kamehameha by Donald Mitchell, 112



LURYIER “POP” DIAMOND (1914-2011)  is hired by PRESIDENT KENT to be the official Schools photographer until 1983 when he becomes the Schools Photo Archivist until 2010. He devotes over 57 years of legendary service to the Schools. 


SAMUEL W. KING, former governor of the Territory of Hawai’i is appointed Trustee of the Bernice P. Bishop Estate.



Nu’uanu Pali tunnels opens Windward O’ahu to urbanization.

1957 January 11

The Rifle Range is dedicated and the first Invitational Rifle Meet is held.


1957  November 12

Ten acres of the Kamehameha School for Boys property at Kaiwiula is given to the Bishop Museum by the Bernice P. Bishop Estate. Kū Kilakila ʻO Kamehameha by Mitchell, 20.


Kamehameha Schools’ admission policy is unsuccessfully challenged by the former Hawai’i Supreme Court Justice LOUIS LE BARON.  He contends that Kamehameha Schools are “quasi-public” and therefore bound by the 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution requiring that students of all races be accepted.


The State owns 32% of Hawai’i land, the federal government owns 8% and the 12 largest private landowners including ali’i estates own 30%.

           1959 August 21

•Hawai’i becomes the 50th state of the United States of America. 

Kamehameha Schools students walk in formal procession singing English and Hawaiian anthems at ‘Iolani Palace ceremonies. 




State Senator from Puna,

replaces deceased Trustee

SAMUEL W. KING.  Lyman is

affectionately called Papa.


DUKE KAHANAMOKU, 1912 Olympic gold medalist, surfer  and waterman, is made an  official alumnus of Kamehameha School, Class of 1910.   He attended the Manual  School from 1904  to 1910,  but left  before graduating.


•Faculty enrolls in woodworking classes taught by Fred Abplanalp and art by Louis Pohl. Others take credit classes at UH.  Ka Moÿi 1959.

•The Girls School has its first driver education course.

       1957 October 4

THE U.S,S,R sends a rocket with a 3.5 pound satellite called Sputnik I into space.  On January 31, 1958, the U.S.A. responds to the challenge by sending a satellite called Explorer I into space to measure the radiation in the Van Allen belt around the Earth. http://history.nasa.gov/sputnik/



Jackie Liwai Pung becomes the first Hawai’i golfer to win a National championship.

•Kilauea volcano erupts.

•Honolulu Aquarium opens.

•May First is Lei Day.

•The first commercial jet liner is in service.

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