Ka Waihona Palapala Kahiko O Nā Kula ʻO Kamehameha ma Kapālama      



1898-1909 Highlights


1898 January 3

CHARLES REED BISHOP resigns as Trustee.





1898 May 26

An advanced course in agriculture, horticulture and livestock is offered at Kamehameha School for Boys also called the Manual Department.

1898 July 12

HE REVEREND SILAS PERRY is the first chaplain of Bishop Memorial Chapel.

1898 August 12

Hawai’i becomes a territory of the United States of America.

1898 September 1

The Kamehameha School for Girls curriculum is extended to four years.


Princess Ka’iulani dies at ‘Ainahau in Waikīkī. She was 23 years old.

Kumu ULDRICK THOMPSON organizes Sunday Drills and invites Honolulu notables to attend.

To make Military discipline more acceptable to the boys, especially being an OFFICER, Miss Pope assisted me by bringing over most of the girls...and, after the lowering of the Flag, each Officer invited a girl friend to have supper with him. Reminiscences


  1. 1900 June 14. Organic Act states that Hawai’i is a territory of the United States of America.

•    The population of the Territory of Hawai’i is around 154,000.  25% are Hawaiians who own 30% of the land. 

  1. Contract labor immigration ends. 

•    The U.S. military builds bases at Pearl Harbor, Fort Shafter and Schofield Barracks near Wahiawa.

•    The “Big Five” local corporations dominate the economy.They are:

   C. Brewer,

   Alexander and Baldwin,

  Theo H. Davies,

   Castle and Cooke, and

   Amfac (American Factors).

Total tuition at Kamehameha Schools is $50. Many Boys take summer jobs, while others earn their tuition by clearing the rocky campus and breaking up the rocks to be sold as ballast for ships. 

Agriculture is a prominent program of the Manual Department. The land Waikïkï of the shops was planted in...sorghum, bananas, pineapples and vegetables.  Many experiments were tried. One was the planting of forty varieties of tomatoes...The taro patch reservoir was enlarged, irrigation ditches were dug; and the cows were provided with green feed...About 1900, I suggested a farm school on each of the islands. The Boys were to work on the land during the day; and have classes in the evening... Reminiscences 127-28

The Cadet, the student publication, reports victory in every major sporting competition.

Trustees direct land filling at Kaka’ako, Ka’ahaukukui, Helumoa, ‘Iwilei and study reclamation of marsh land along Ala Moana in Kalia and Waikïkï.

CHARLES B. DYKE is the first “Principal of the Kamehameha Schools,” over  Kamehameha School for Boys, Kamehameha School for Girls and the Preparatory Department.

Kamehameha School for Girls offers coursework in household management, cooking, sewing, millinery, nursing and typing.  Girls are expected to do their own laundry. 

MISS IDA MAE POPE states, So far as we are able to train these girls to meet the conditions around them, so far shall we be able to send forth a body of students with moral fiber to resist temptations, with minds trained for skilled labor, to enter home or trade, with bodies strong for physical endurance and enjoyment of good health.

The first football team wins the interscholastic championship. Their coach is the REVEREND DR. JOHN L. HOPWOOD, athletic director and chaplain.

PERLEY HORNE becomes the first “President of Kamehameha Schools.”  He advocates well-equipped shops for carpentry, blacksmithing, machine work, printing and electricity.


Industrialized Japan emerges as an international power after its victory over Russia during the Russo-Japanese war.

1905 May 13

Musicals and dramas are popular entertainment at the Girls School. Hiawatha is produced as a fundraiser for the Honolulu Athletic Association. 
Soccer is a competitive sport.  1910 will be a championship season.

1907 December 19

Kamehameha School for Boys celebrates its 20th anniversary and dedicates its new Manual Department  shop building .
Kamehameha School for Boys first camp at Makua, Waianae, O’ahu.


The Basketball Team wins the championship

Kamehameha School for Girls  embark on their first camping experience at Makua.

Kamehameha Schools are boarding schools. Faculty and staff live with their families on campus. While faculty teach classes, all including spouses teach Sunday School, counsel, coach and chaperone students.

1900 January 20

The Honolulu Fire Department starts a controlled fire near Nu’uanu and Beretania Streets to eradicate rats causing bubonic plague in the area.  A strong wind fans the flames ewa burning 38 acres and leaving thousands homeless.




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